Yellow, pink or green? What your discharge is trying to tell you

Our vaginas are already a complex system. In addition to being unique, each of them gives us some clues about our health. Because everyone with a vagina has a discharge – sometimes more, sometimes less. But what does he tell us? There are many clues in its colors, textures and scents, which we must first learn to understand.

Here you can find out about your release

Discharge: why, why, why?

Although the natural discharge is unpleasant for some women, it plays an essential protective role in the body due to the number of lactic acid bacteria. To female discharge,

Although the natural discharge is unpleasant for some women, it plays an essential protective role in the body due to the number of lactic acid bacteria. To understand women’s discharge, its function, and the conclusions we should draw from it, we refer to a study from Columbia National University.

Through them, we learn that lactic acid bacteria create an acidic environment, which is especially important for Purity in the womb and the vagina is taken care of and dead skin cells and bacteria are expelled out. The extent of the discharge varies from woman to woman. Cycle timing also affects the amount of discharge. The discharge usually increases just before ovulation and just before menstruation. It is caused by a female sex hormone Estrogenwhich affects the formation of secretions. So far it has been so spectacular.

But what if the outflow changes? Let’s go through the color spectrum.

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At the same time, there is quite a lot going on in our vagina to keep everything in harmony. Cheers female anatomy Photo: IMAGO / Westend61

What your discharge says about you

Although many people often do not notice this, the color of our discharge changes from time to time. This is often not a cause for concern, but sometimes it is worth taking a closer look. Based on the results of the mentioned study, we will go through different colors:

Clean discharge

A clear discharge indicates that everything is fine with your vagina and that there is nothing to worry about. It can also be a little thinner sometimes and then a little thicker, but then everything is in the green area.

Most often you can find a white spout in your underwear, and that’s fine! Photo: Blancalab Studio over canvas

White discharge

During the cycle time, the color may vary from clear to white, mainly due to consistency. From something thicker and creamier to rather thin and watery, this is also completely normal.

To the topic consistencybut you should prick up your ears when the white secretion acquires a grainy consistency reminiscent of good cottage cheese from a tourist holiday. Unfortunately, this is not a sign of your body that you should go to the mountains again, but it can be a yeast infection. You should clarify this with a doctor you trust, but in most cases it can be treated very well.

If your discharge turns yellow, there may be various reasons. Photo: spark over canvas

Yellow spout

Whether you should pay more attention to your spout often depends on the intensity of the color. If your spout is light yellow and cream, you don’t have to worry. In some women, the normal discharge color is yellow.

If your discharge reminds you more of the color of the canary, it may be a less encouraging sign. In particular, if the secretion smells strongly or other symptoms such as pain appear, this may mean and venereal disease or indicate a bacterial infection. In this case, you and your bird should see a doctor to determine the exact cause of your Canarian discharge and initiate appropriate treatment.

Even the pink secretion in the panties is not automatically a warning signal. Photo: spark over canvas

Pink or brown spout

No worries:

Most of the time, pink or brown discoloration is caused by the presence of blood in your discharge. First of all, this is not a cause for concern. Mostly it’s about stainingwhen the body removes all remaining blood, for example after menstruation. Older blood turns brown when reacted with oxygen. Even if you have changed your method of contraception or have recently given birth, it is perfectly normal for your discharge to change color for a short time.

Maybe worries?

Especially if the outflow is about Itching, fever or pain (abdomen). accompanied or unpleasant smell, you should seek medical attention. But always trust your inner feeling! Therefore, if you notice a pink or brown discharge for a long time or notice other irregularities that concern you, you should definitely have the matter investigated.

Green, green, green are all my … bacterial infections. Photo: sparklestroke via canva

Green burst

The most common cause of green discharge is STD or bacterial infections. In both cases, you must see a doctor. According to a study by Columbia University, the greenish discharge may be caused by various factors. Here are the most common causes:

Bacterial vaginosis is a bacterial imbalance in the vagina caused by bacteria that live in the intestines and penetrate the vagina. These trigger vaginitis because they attack and destroy naturally occurring lactic acid bacteria.

These are small flagella that trigger trichonomiasis and lead to severe vaginal inflammation.

So-called gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted disease which, in addition to green discharge, can also cause redness and swelling of the genital area, as well as burning when peeing.

If you notice a green discharge, you should definitely get advice from a doctor, as this usually indicates an infection.

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The more the better? It does not necessarily apply to intimate hygiene. Dear, the more natural, the healthier. Photo: IMAGO / Westend61

How to prevent infections?

Very important, although it can be difficult for us. No exaggerated intimate care! In particular, washing with soap can upset the bacterial balance in the vagina. Wearing synthetic underwear can look very sexy, but it is also a breeding ground for bacteria. The same applies to the excessive use of panty liners.

About the effect of the discharge

Basically, you know your body best and you should find out about anything that seems unusual to you and, if necessary, consult a doctor. We have also found it helpful to take care of your own body and your own individual cycle know exactly. Sometimes your vagina tries to tell you something and it’s worth listening to it more often.

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