Worse than before Corona: Entrepreneurs in Mallorca complain about excessive drinking

Worse than before Corona
Entrepreneurs complain about excessive drinking in Mallorca

A few weeks ago, the Palma Beach initiative was still optimistic. After the Corona crisis, there are many indications of a new, calmer type of holidaymaker in Mallorca. But hope was replaced by frustration that drunken tourists would return – the season is said to have been canceled.

According to entrepreneurs, drinking tourism around Ballermann in Mallorca is currently even worse than in the years before the coronavirus pandemic. Some holidaymakers arrive at the hotels around 10:00 and can no longer leave at 14:00, the newspaper “Última Hora” quoted Juan Miguel Ferrer, general manager of the “Palma Beach” initiative for greater quality in Playa de Palma.

Vacationers usually booked ten days in advance and stayed on the Spanish island for an average of three to four nights. He spends only 30 to 40 euros a day, most of it on alcohol, Ferrer complained. Tourists still had fun at 4 o’clock in the morning and sometimes used megaphones, which would inexplicably continue to sell freely. In some cases, vacationers who were completely drunk would simply let their friends lie on the street.

“We already consider the season lost in terms of excessive control,” Ferrer said according to the “Mallorca Zeitung”. The police must also enforce stricter rules in the streets. A few weeks ago, he was still optimistic. Corona acted as a catalyst for their own efforts and attracted a new type of vacationer. They want things like good food with local products and organic local transport.

Unfortunately, according to Ferrer, this positive development ended on May 10. “Once the big party temples were reopened, this new type of vacationer was pushed out by the old party crowd,” he regrets. “Since then, we have suffered from the arrival of large groups of tourists who just wanted to get drunk on the streets, on the promenade or on the beach,” Ferrera quoted the newspaper.

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