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Analysis of data from approximately 1.3 million patients shows that women with Long-Covid have a wide range of symptoms, including ear, nose, throat and skin problems, as well as neurological, gastrointestinal and rheumatological symptoms, depression and fatigue. In contrast, men were more likely to have metabolic disorders, such as diabetes and kidney disease. This is stated by the research team in the journal “Current Medical Research and Opinion”.

“Differences in the function of the immune system between women and men can be an important factor in the differences between the sexes in long covert syndrome. Women develop faster and more robust innate and adaptive immune responses that can better protect them from incipient and serious infections. However, the same difference can make women more susceptible to ongoing autoimmune diseases, “the study writers write.

By June 2021, they had evaluated the existing scientific literature on gender differences in Long-Covid. Only 35 documents contained gender-disaggregated data on COVID-19 symptoms and outcomes with sufficient detail to draw conclusions about how women and men experience COVID-19 differently. “Gender differences in outcomes have been reported in previous coronavirus epidemics. Therefore, differences in outcomes were expected between women and men infected with SARS-CoV-2. Unfortunately, most studies did not evaluate or report granular data by gender, “regret the authors.

What: DOI 10.1080 / 03007995.2022.2081454

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