Will Donald Trump be accused of attacking the US Capitol?

FOn Tuesday, the parliamentary inquiry committee for the attack on the Capitol summoned a witness who, in the weeks following the presidential election in 2020, steadfastly resisted pressure from Donald Trump to reverse the election results. At the time, the elected president called on Georgia’s chief election commissioner to “find” enough votes to give him state voters. Interior Minister Brad Raffensperger has already answered questions from MEPs at a closed committee meeting.

Majid Sattar

Washington-based political correspondent for North America.

For many Americans, not just Democrats, the Republican is a hero who helped save democracy in their country. Trump’s retaliatory campaign against him failed to prevent Raffensperger in the party’s primaries in May. The Republican base restored the post of Interior Minister for the November elections.

According to committee members, the Georgia case, as well as the pressure campaign against Mike Pence, should show that Trump deliberately resorted to illegal means to prevent a peaceful transfer of power. The former president is closely following the events in Congress. During a speech to evangelical organizations in Nashville, he again accused his then-vice president of not having the courage to refuse to confirm Joe Biden’s election victory.

In light of Raffensperger’s statement, Trump also re-extended his reading on his social network channel that his call to the interior minister at the time was “perfect and appropriate.” It is noteworthy that Trump publicly comments on the work of the committee of inquiry, and the right-wing media point to the fact that Americans are not interested in the hearing by reference to ratings.

What would be the consequences of the trial against Trump?

Of course, Trump knows that the committee is not aimed directly at the public. Members want to use their evidence to pressure Attorney General Merrick Garland to press the former president. Such a trial – it would be the first against the former president for his official actions – would not go unnoticed and might thwart Trump’s plans to return. He tries to prevent this and spreads the counter-narrative that he was aware that Biden had won and used illegal means to stay in power. The committee maliciously creates a “false story,” Trump wrote on Sunday. The claim that he knew he had lost the election is completely wrong. “I felt,” Trump continued, that the election had been “rigged” and that his victory had been “stolen.” He saw it that way from the beginning.

Earlier last week, he published a 12-page letter in which he not only cursed the members of the committee with the usual insults and spread conspiracy theories, but also underlined why he considered the election results in several states to be falsified. and why he was right, he had to do everything he could to prevent it. This letter can be seen as the beginning of a legal defense strategy, as Trump was assisted in writing the article by a lawyer who is now part of a new team of legal advisers surrounding the former president: Evan Corcoran, a lawyer and former prosecutor who previously had the interests of one represented by other clients from Trump’s orbit: the interests of Steve Bannon, the former chief adviser to the former president, who will have to stand trial in July 2021 for contempt of Congress over parliament. review of January 6, 2021. Evidence therefore suggests that Trump is awaiting indictment.

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