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A video of a battalion of British paratroopers ignites a scandal. “Misphobic” behavior is said to be part of everyday life in the military.

Updates from Tuesday, June 21, 2022, 9:30 AM: In an exclusive interview with the British newspaper The Independent, the woman states that “orgies in the army are a matter of course”. A woman who says she has worked in recruitment for the British military for years says a former soldier, whom she has not heard of for months, sent her another 11 videos with similar content.

The informant warned that the recent incident in Merlville Baracks points to a broad culture of misogyny in the armed forces, which sees women as “inferior beings.” “It’s misogynistic,” she added. “It’s a disgrace to the military. This shows a serious lack of professionalism and good human behavior in general. “

Barracks Orgies: British Soldiers Describe Incidents as “Normal”

A woman for The Independent emphasized that stories of group sex similar to those in Merlville were common in the military, and said that some soldiers described such incidents as “normal” and insisted that “only boys do it.”

Royals in memory of World War II in Arnhem
British paratroopers in honor of World War II in Arnhem. © Steve Parsons / dpa

The informant spoke to the newspaper about her own negative experience with recruiting troops – and said she left her job after experiencing sexual harassment, sexism and gender discrimination. She said she could not reconcile her conscience when she was asked to encourage women to join the army, given her own experience.

Orgies in the barracks: a scandal surrounding British paratroopers

First report from Monday, June 20, 2022, 9:00: LONDON – A new British army chief has called off the deployment of a NATO airborne regiment battalion in Bosnia and Kosovo after he released a video that apparently captures parachute orgies at a military base. This is reported, among others, by the British news portal walesonline.co.uk.

Lt. Gen. Andrew Harrison, the paratroop commander-in-chief, wrote in a letter that General Sir Patrick Sanders had “temporarily lost confidence” in the unit’s third battalion.

British paratroopers scandal: “Battalion has an extraordinary reputation”

“This afternoon, the Chief of Staff (CGS), General Sir Patrick Sanders, decided to remove the battalion from NATO’s operational plan in Kosovo this summer,” Harrison said. He continued: “The battalion has an exceptional reputation for serving our nation, and every member of the unit will be thwarted by a missed opportunity to operate again in the Balkans.”

The decision of General Sir Patrick Sanders is a response to the recent disciplinary incidents at Exercise Swift Response and Merville Barracks, which have come to light in recent weeks.

“The 3rd Battalion acknowledges that it has temporarily lost confidence in the CGS,” added Lieutenant General Andrew Harrison. “They will reflect on behaviors and cultures that undermine the reputation and operational effectiveness of the exceptional battalion, and adjust their behavior as needed. Of course, the force remains ready to defend the interests of our nation at home and abroad, if that counts. “

About 300 troops from the battalion would be sent to the Balkans for a NATO operation that was scheduled to begin in September.

British paratroopers scandal: video content ‘unacceptable, corrosive and harmful’

In a statement obtained by the Telegraph, General Sir Patrick Sanders wrote that the alleged behavior on the orgy video was considered “consensual” and that the Royal Army’s military police had ruled that no crime had been committed. However, the content of the video was “unacceptable, corrosive and damaging to the military’s reputation (and could also be interpreted as defaming women).

“I know the battalion will respond quickly and restore the reputation it deserves,” Sanders added. (skr)

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