Whirlwind report: Johnson wanted to get his lover a job? – Politics abroad

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson (58) reportedly tried to pave an important government job for his then mistress and now wife Carrie in 2018. Annual salary: £ 100,000 (€ 116,500)!

The British The Times reported on this in its printed edition on Saturday.

Very suspicious: The message from the online version has disappeared again! It can no longer be found on the Times website. In the meantime, he also informed the “Daily Mail” – and the online article also disappeared there.

Why did newspapers delete articles? Unknown yet.

Did Johnson want to get his lover a job?

One thing is clear: the Times report (available BILD) is explosive.

It read: “Boris Johnson tried to appoint his future wife as his chief of staff at the State Department, but after finding out their relationship, he was blocked by his colleagues.”

He continued: “Johnson, who was Secretary of State from July 2016 to July 2018, wanted to replace Carrie Symonds with a salary of at least £ 100,000, but the Allies (by Johnson, ed.) they intervened because they feared it would be a glaring violation of professional ethics, “the Times said.

Employees generally learned of the affair only “after a member of parliament caught the two in a ‘compromise situation’ in Johnson’s lower house office in early 2018,” the Times said. At the time, Carrie Symonds was director of communications for the Johnson Conservative Party.

Spicy: Johnson himself last month approved an updated version of the so-called “ministerial code,” which sets out “the standards of conduct expected of ministers and the way in which they perform their duties.”

► It states the general principle that “working relations with civil servants, ministerial and parliamentary colleagues and colleagues and parliamentary staff should be proper and appropriate”.

Something that may not have been about the affair with Carrie Symonds and Johnson’s alleged plans to give her a place in government.

In September 2018, it became clear that Johnson was divorcing his then-wife, Marina Wheeler. The two were married for 25 years. In June 2019, Carrie Symonds moved in with Johnson at 10 Downing Street, and in 2021 they married. The couple now has two children.

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