Which flights are canceled today? These routes are affected

Airport chaos in Cologne
Eurowings cancels a number of flights – these routes are affected

There have been extreme delays in check-in and security checks at Cologne / Bonn Airport in recent weeks. Many flights were completely canceled. Our overview shows which routes are currently affected.

Summer holidays in North Rhine-Westphalia will begin in a few days. However, a state of emergency is already in place at Cologne / Bonn Airport. The airport spokesman cited the lack of staff at passenger check-in service providers as the cause of numerous delays. This leads to delays throughout Europe and, in some cases, significant waiting times for passengers.

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In recent days, a number of flights have also been canceled – Eurowings flights in particular have been affected. Which routes are currently affected by the delay, which are completely canceled? Overview (as of June 23, 8:00 PM)

Canceled departures in Cologne (June 23)

  • Cologne – Zurich (EW 764)
  • Cologne – Edinburgh (EW 362)
  • Cologne – Zurich (EW 768)
  • Cologne – Munich (EW 088)
  • Cologne – Milan Malpensa (EW 826)
  • Cologne – Naples (EW 862)
  • Cologne – Hamburg (EW 7037)

Canceled landings in Cologne (June 23)

  • Faro – Cologne (EW 647)
  • Zurich – Cologne (EW 765)
  • Edinburgh – Cologne (EW 363)
  • Zurich – Cologne (EW 769)
  • Hamburg – Cologne (EW 7036)
  • Milan – Cologne (EW 827)
  • Naples – Cologne (EW 863)

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