“We plan to blow up the pipes”

Von Maximilian Oba

A terrorist joke at a democracy summit? “We plan to blow up the pipes,” says Luisa Neubauer, 26, laughing happily at the camera.

The climate activist has just traveled to Denmark for the Copenhagen summit on democracy. Politicians, activists and businessmen there are, in fact, discussing the future of democracy.

► Of all the places there, Neubauer now excels in outrageous derailment: she jokes about the plan to blow up a pipeline (originally in English: “We are planning how to blow up a pipeline”). She even posted a video with a terrorist joke on the Internet herself.

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The pipeline is called the East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP). The pipeline is due to connect Uganda with Tanzania from 2025 and could make a decisive contribution to poverty alleviation in two African countries.

According to the World Bank, 41 percent of all people in Uganda live below the poverty line. That means they have less than $ 1.90 a day.

Neubauer’s phrase “How to blow up a pipe” is reminiscent of the book’s title by radical Swedish climate activist Andreas Malm (45).

In his book, Malm calls for property damage and the sabotage of industrial plants in the fight against climate change. Malm believes that violence against SUVs and coal mines is justified.

► Is the climate movement now radicalizing and planning far-reaching crimes to raise concerns?

At BILD’s request, Neubauer commented only on the pipeline itself – but not on their formulations regarding the detonation of the same.

Neubauer at BILD: “The EACOP project alone would produce almost half a gigaton of CO2. That is why we have been working for months with activists from the region, ie Uganda and Tanzania, and also with many people from France against the oil pipeline that the French company TOTAL wants to build. We are talking to the French Government, potential investors and insurers of the pipeline and mobilizing through social networks so that this climate-destroying pipeline is never built, but is eventually called off. Almost all German insurance companies and banks – except Deutsche Bank – have already refused to support the project – because it is so harmful. (…) The construction of the EACOP pipeline must be canceled. “

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