Water from Lake Garda against drought?

The Po River has too little water due to extreme drought. But the idea of ​​draining water from Lake Garda met with bitter resistance.

Due to the drought, a dispute arose in Italy over the idea of ​​diverting water from Lake Garda to the Po River. The proposal came in recent days because Italy’s longest river currently has extremely little water. In some places, authorities have measured historical lows, as shown by the latest Monday report from management.

The intention was to take water from Lake Garda, which was still about 60 percent full. However, the association of municipalities on Lake Garda opposes this. “If we release more water than is allowed for agriculture and meet the Po River requirement, we would do double the damage,” said Secretary General Pierlucio Ceresa.

Lake Garda: The lake is also popular with tourists.
Lake Garda: The lake is also popular with tourists. (Source: Jöran Steinsiek / imago-images-bilder)

Community representatives: The worst crisis in 60 years

It’s not that Lake Garda doesn’t want to release water for the Po River, Ceresa explained. But water is simply scarce. In the end, not only the “sick Po river” but also the “sick Lake Garda” would remain in the plan. Ceresa spoke of the worst crisis in 60 years.

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