War “strategically lost”: British General Staff: “Russia is about to fall”

war “strategically lost”
British General Staff: “Russia is nearing failure”

British military leaders see Russia’s attack on Ukraine as a “terrible mistake” by Putin. Small profits in the territory are offset by high losses. According to him, Putin is failing not only militarily: NATO is based on a war strengthened by Russian aggression.

According to the British Chief of General Staff Tony Radakin, Russia has already “strategically lost” the war against Ukraine. The attack on the neighboring country was a “terrible mistake of Russia,” Radakin told the Press Association (PA). Russia has strengthened NATO with its war against Ukraine and persuaded Finland and Sweden to apply for membership in a military alliance.

It is possible that Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin will achieve “tactical success” in Ukraine in the coming weeks, Radakin said. However, Putin sacrificed a quarter of his army’s strength for “small” profits in the territory. “The Russian machinery wears out and picks up a few – two, three, five – kilometers a day.” 50,000 Russian soldiers were killed or wounded. “Russia is about to fail.”

Radakin assured Ukraine of Britain’s long-standing support in the fight against Russian troops. Among other things, London is supplying anti-tank weapons to Kiev and will continue to do so. On Thursday, Moscow again warned the West against further support for Kiev by weapons. This is “absolutely useless” and would only harm Ukraine, “Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said.

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