“War on Women”: Tampons are now rare in the United States

“War on Women”
Tampons are now also rare in the United States

Not only baby food but also tampons are now missing in many American supermarkets. In the background are personnel problems at manufacturers due to the corona pandemic, but also the lack of raw materials. Republicans have already found their culprit: President Joe Biden.

After the dried milk, tampons have now disappeared from the shelves of some stores in the USA. The pharmacy chains CVS and Walgreens have confirmed that some brands are temporarily unavailable in certain regions. Republicans blame US President Joe Biden.

Manufacturer Procter & Gamble has admitted that customers in the US may not be able to rely on their usual hygiene products. The group assured that “this is a temporary situation”. Factories produce tampons “continuously to meet the increased demand for our products.”

Edgewell points to a lack of tampons and pads as a “long shortage of manpower due to two omicron variants” in the US factory in late 2021 and a Canadian supplier in early 2022. The group expects the situation to return to normal in the coming weeks. .

Baby food on a military plane

According to supply chain expert Patrick Penfield of Syracuse University in upstate New York, the obstacles are caused by panic buying “like toilet paper at the beginning of a pandemic.” There is also a shortage of certain commodities, including cotton and plastics. Lack of staff due to the pandemic is another reason for production problems. According to his estimate, the situation will return to normal within the next six months.

Recently, the shortage of baby milk powder in the United States has caused political upheaval. In mid-May, US President Biden ordered air transport that would bring baby food from abroad by military aircraft. Opposition Republicans have used renewed narrow profiles to further attack the government, which they blame for high inflation.

Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene has also accused the transgender community. She said in an interview that the deficiency was probably caused by the fact that men also bought tampons. Greene called it the “war on women.”

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