War in Ukraine: Russian politician wants to destroy US embassy in Kiev

Is the West of Russia now feeling the effects of boundless aggression?

EU and US arms supplies have stirred Moscow: Demands on arms supply states are now rising. The Moscow online newspaper informs about it “Slow.ru”.

In an interview with the Russian portal, Deputy Chairman of the Defense Committee Yuri Shaytkin explained how he envisages negotiations with the West: “My position is that it is necessary to destroy the government district in Kiev.”

Yuri Schwejtkin verbally deploys heavy artilleryFoto: PR

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Yuri Schwejtkin verbally deploys heavy artilleryPhoto: PR

The current stumbling block is the delivery of HIMARS missile systems to Ukraine, which have a range of about 70 kilometers. According to Schwejtkin, this changes the situation. Russia must therefore also focus on arms-supplying countries.

MEPs’ chilling threats: “This again underlines the gradual rapprochement of the United States towards World War III. We must understand that we must respond with all seriousness. In my opinion, the reaction should also be in the countries that supply weapons today. And not only to destroy the infrastructure and so on, but I think the main decision-making center is the US Embassy. I think that sooner or later it will become the target of the Russian armed forces, the People’s Militia DLR and the LPR. “

The US Department of Defense confirmed on Wednesday (June 22) that four promised HIMARS missile systems had arrived in Ukraine. However, it remained unclear whether they were already used by the Ukrainian armed forces. Biden’s government decided to deliver at the end of May – provided that Ukraine does not launch missiles on Russian territory. The Ukrainian armed forces need about three weeks of training to operate the systems.

Another million military aid from the United States has already been decided: As US officials announced on Thursday, $ 450 million (around € 428 million) in aid will be sent to Ukraine – including additional medium-range missiles, ammunition and other supplies.