War in Ukraine: Russian hackers invaded 42 countries

Status: 23.06.2022 07:18

The barely perceptible but not insignificant part of the war against Ukraine takes place in cyberspace. Microsoft has seen an increase in Russian hacker attacks over the past four months.

Microsoft experts have uncovered Russian hacker attacks in 42 countries since the start of the Russian offensive war against Ukraine. The company said a total of 128 organizations were affected.

At the beginning of the war, Russian troops attacked the data center of the Ukrainian government, Microsoft writes in its report. Ukraine overcame attacks when the government moved its digital infrastructure to the cloud.

The United States was the most important target

In several waves, Russian hackers launched attacks against 48 Ukrainian organizations to destroy software and data. Some attacks were successful, but overall the defense was good, Microsoft said.

According to the report, cyber attacks have also taken place in other countries. According to Microsoft, the most important target was the United States – but also, for example, Poland, which coordinated humanitarian aid for Ukraine. The Baltic states, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Turkey and other NATO countries were also affected.

Unequal defense

According to Microsoft, Russia is particularly interested in government computers that belong to NATO member states. However, NGOs, IT companies, energy companies and other major infrastructure operators are also affected.

There are certain defense mechanisms, but they are unevenly distributed between countries. Therefore, according to Microsoft, normal defense options have remained low.

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