War in Ukraine: Poland demands seventh package of sanctions against Russia

abroad war in Ukraine

Poland demands a seventh package of sanctions against Russia

Putin sees Western sanctions as a failure

In his speech at the International Economic Forum in St. Petersburg, Russian President Vladimir Putin renewed his accusations of economic war against the West. He sees his country emerge stronger from the conflict for a new world order.

The Warsaw government has called on the EU to keep up the pressure on Moscow. Poland, with the support of the Baltic countries, wants to extend sanctions – and completely prevent technology exports to Russia. Eastern European countries are driven by great fear.

POlen wants to further tighten the EU’s repressive measures against Russia to finally force Moscow to back down in the war in Ukraine. “It simply came to our notice then. In our view, the seventh package of sanctions must be launched as soon as possible. We must keep up the pressure, “said WELT AM SONNTAG Lukasz Jasina, spokesman for the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. “We continue to enjoy the support of our Baltic partners and hope that other Europeans will agree to tougher sanctions against Russia.”

Polish Deputy Foreign Minister Marcin Przydacz also told WELT AM SONNTAG: “We are trying to persuade our partners in Europe to impose further sanctions against Moscow. As Europeans, we must act in a coordinated manner. ”Przydacz is considered one of the most active and internationally respected Polish diplomats. At the ministry, he is responsible for the security and eastern policy departments, which also include relations with neighboring countries Belarus and Ukraine. It thus plays a central role in the current crisis.

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But what can the new package look like? “We want to completely stop the export of European technologies to Russia,” Przydacz said. Of course, this also includes civilian products usable militarily. Przydacz is targeting so-called dual-use goods here.

If the term is used widely, it can include almost all industrial products or sub-products. Tires or brake systems for a civilian truck could also be used for a military transporter. “In addition,” Przydacz continued, “we must take stronger action against Russian banks and against Russian propaganda and disinformation channels.”

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In Warsaw, “russki mir”, ie the “Russian world”, is understood as an ideology according to which the inclusion of territory for the great power is a legitimate act in international relations. From the Polish point of view, this ideology is partially widespread in Europe and is present in public debate in various countries. Thanks to Russian propaganda and prominent speakers in renowned Western debates, it is possible – at least from a Polish perspective – to imagine that support for Ukraine in Europe will fall apart in the medium term.

That is why, according to Warsaw officials, it is so important to unmask propaganda and systematically take action against misinformation. “The sixth sanctions package has hit Russia hard. But we have not been able to weaken Putin and his military machinery enough. Therefore, further and more severe sanctions are needed. We promote it with our European partners, “said Przydacz.

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Western diplomats expect the Warsaw government to call for even harsher sanctions at Monday’s meeting of EU foreign ministers in Luxembourg. A decision is not expected. However, this issue should remain on the European agenda.

Earlier this month, after internal fighting, the EU decided on a sixth package of sanctions against Russia. The most important point is the ban on imports of Russian petroleum products. However, with a few exceptions: It only applies to oil products transported by sea and there are also transitional periods of several months.

In addition, exports of chemicals that can be used to make chemical weapons have been limited. Other measures include a ban on three Russian state-owned broadcasters in the EU and the disconnection of three banks, including Sberbank, from the Swift international payment system.

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Foreign ministers will also discuss on Monday the European Commission’s recommendation to declare Ukraine a candidate for EU membership. It is the first step in a long process. The recommendations will first be discussed by the Heads of State and Government at the Brussels European Council on Thursday and Friday.

All Member States must agree to enter into appropriate talks. On Friday, the commission also recommended granting the Republic of Moldova candidate status. Georgia’s request was also considered. However, the country must first meet other conditions, he said.

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