War in Ukraine: Former Russian football captain bravely stood up to Vladimir Putin

The bloody offensive war of Vladimir Putin’s Kremlin despot (69) has been raging in Ukraine for almost four months.

However, he does not have all the Russian citizens on his side. There are people who openly oppose atrocities committed by their own troops in Ukraine. One of them is Igor Denisov (38). Sports star in Russia, from 2008 to 2016 national football player. He dressed his home country jersey 54 times and was also the team captain.

Denisov calls the war waged by Russia a “disaster.” Denisov has now told sports journalist and blogger Nobel Arustamyan that he recorded a video message for his compatriots. But the Russian state media would not want to broadcast them.

“I don’t know, I may be imprisoned or killed for those words, but I will say it the way it is. My perception of everything has changed drastically. I didn’t sleep. I slept for three hours for about four days. I was just shocked, “said the football player about his impressions from the beginning of the war.

“I don’t like people dying”

He already wanted to post a statement against the war on YouTube. However, his friends did not recommend it.

Denisov: “No one can explain it to me.” Maybe because I’m not well-read, maybe because I’m not familiar with history, but I’m against it. I don’t like people dying. I can’t keep quiet about it anymore. “

At the embassy, ​​he turned directly to Kremlin tyrant Putin, Denisov said. And he offered to kneel before him like a “proud man.” But no one in his homeland wanted to hear that.

The Russian state apparatus, meanwhile, has tightened its screws and passed tougher laws against those who report negatively on the war in the neighboring country.

But Denisov does not discourage it. “Of course I’m a simple person. I’m still scared. But I can’t help but answer. ”And he says boldly about the possible dangers he faces,“ I don’t hide, I don’t go anywhere – I don’t need it. ”

We can only hope that these bold words will be heard in Russia!

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