War Day at a glance: Scholz wants a hotline for whistleblowers – Gazprom opens German gas tap

War Day at a glance
Scholz wants a hotline for whistleblowers – Gazprom opens German gas tap

Chancellor Scholz relies on a whistleblower hotline, which he plans to set up soon, to persecute the oligarchs. Meanwhile, Russian energy giant Gazprom is cutting gas supplies through Nord Stream 1 and blaming Siemens. Civilians v Chemiewerk Azot v Persevere in Sievjerodonetsk can hope for an escape corridor declared by Russia. 111th day of the war in brief.

Scholz: Notifiers should provide information about the oligarchs

Chancellor Olaf Scholz supports efforts to make sanctions against Russian oligarchs more effective through a whistleblower hotline. “Russia’s aggression against Ukraine has shown that sanctions urgently need to be more effective – especially against Russian oligarchs and their hidden assets,” Scholz told an event organized by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), an international anti-prevention and anti-prevention body. money laundering. A second law on the enforcement of sanctions will soon be adopted, setting out, inter alia, a national register for assets that are subject to sanctions or whose origin is unclear. “We will also set up a special line for whistleblowers,” the chancellor said.

Gazprom will cut supplies via Nord Stream 1

Meanwhile, Germany has to adapt to significantly less gas from Russia in the summer. Energy giant Gazprom has announced that it will reduce the maximum volume of deliveries via the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline to Germany to Germany by 40 percent. This is due to delays in Siemens repairs: The compressor unit was not returned in time for repairs. Thus, only 100 million cubic meters of gas could be pumped through the pipeline every day – about 60 percent of the previously planned daily volume of 167 million cubic meters of gas, the company said. “At present, security of supply is still guaranteed,” said a spokeswoman for the Federal Ministry of Economics. “We are monitoring the situation and verifying the facts.”

The federal government is giving Gazprom Germania a billion-dollar injection

The federal government supports billions in Gazprom Germania to secure nationwide gas supplies. The Federal Ministry of Economics has announced that the loan will avoid insolvency. According to information from government circles, this is between nine billion and ten billion euros. The administration of Gazprom Germania GmbH (GPG) will also be extended beyond September and may be extended several times due to a parallel change in the legal basis, the company said. The company, which stumbled due to sanctions from Russia, is to be protected from insolvency by a loan: “With this approach, the federal government retains influence over this part of the critical energy infrastructure and prevents threats to energy security. ”

Russia on Wednesday announces an evacuation corridor

After the destruction of the third and last bridge in the city of Sievjerodonetsk over the river Siwerskyi Donets, fears grew about the civilians who remain in the city. The situation around the local chemical plant Azot is especially difficult, the head of the city’s military administration Olexander Strjuk said on Ukrainian television. About 540 to 560 civilians are reportedly staying in anti-aircraft shelters on the factory premises. “Certain stocks have been created at the Azot plant,” Strjuk said. The police and the army also provided assistance. However, the area is under constant fire and street fighting has continued. Russia announced on Wednesday that it would set up an escape corridor for the imprisoned civilians in the chemical plant, which would allow them to escape through the humanitarian corridor. The escape route should lead north to the city of Svatov (Swatovo) in the Luhansk region, said a representative of the Russian Ministry of Defense Mikhail Mizincev.

Farmers are putting pressure on grain shortages

Due to the worldwide shortage of grain as a result of the war in Ukraine, the farmers’ union is pushing for the expansion of production in Germany as well. Farmers ‘President Joachim Rukwied said at the Lübeck Farmers’ Day that Russia was using food as a weapon. “This sword needs to be blunted and we can blunt it.” With the temporary use of additional areas, it would be possible to produce 1.4 million tons more wheat. He expects politicians to use this tool.

USA: Putin seeks more territorial gains in Ukraine

According to the US government, Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to continue conquering large parts of Ukraine. “I still think he saw a significant part of Ukraine, if not the whole country,” US Secretary of Defense Colin Kahl said at an event hosted by the Center for New American Security think tank. However, Russia will not achieve this goal. “Maybe they can make tactical gains here and there,” Kahl said. However, the Ukrainians proved to be adamant.

Russia has blacklisted British journalists

Russia has blacklisted 49 British citizens, including many well-known journalists. “British journalists on the list are involved in the deliberate dissemination of false and biased information about Russia and the events in Ukraine and Donbas,” the State Department said in Moscow. British military officials would also be sanctioned. The new list includes a total of 29 journalists, including BBC Director-General Tim Davie and journalists from The Guardian and the Financial Times. The editors of The Times, The Guardian, the Daily Mail and the Daily Telegraph, as well as radio and television presenters, are also affected.

Zelensky: “Help us. Please.”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky expects significantly more Western support for a tough defensive fight against the Russian army. “We still have a lot more to do together to win this war,” Selensky said in an interview with Die Zeit. In particular, his country needs more modern artillery, such as several rocket launchers. He said in support of Germany that arms supplies were “still smaller than they could be.” Asked if he would like Chancellor Scholz to make it clear that Ukraine must win the war, he explained: “Whatever the wording: Dozens of people die here every day in Ukraine. Every day. How do I stay calm?” President Vladimir Putin hates the idea of ​​a free and united life in Europe, and his troops have opposed it. “So say what you want and how you want it, but help us. Please.”

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