War Day at a glance: rocket fire on Kyiv-Russia will punish Kazakhstan

War Day at a glance
Missile fire on Kyiv – Russia punished Kazakhstan

Russia’s rocket attacks on Kyiv remain unsuccessful, but Moscow reports heavy action against Ukrainian command structures. After the Kazakh president criticized Putin, the Kremlin punished the allies. The British army is preparing its troops for a ground war in Europe. 116th day of war in brief.

Anti-aircraft defense prevents the shelling of Kiev

The Ukrainian capital Kyiv has once again come under air attack – raid sirens and explosions have been heard. According to official information, however, the Ukrainian air defense system shot down Russian missiles over the city. “Explosions were heard in the Vyshgorod district this morning. Anti-aircraft guns were fired at enemy targets,” Oleksiy Kuleba, a military governor of the Kiev region, said on his Telegram channel. According to him, there was no damage or injury to the city.

The Russians are heading for Kharkov

According to the Ukrainian Interior Ministry, Russian troops tried to advance on Kharkov and re-shell the city. The situation north of Kharkov is quite complicated, said Ukrainian television ministry adviser Vadym Denysenko. “Russia wants to make Kharkov a city on the front lines.” Kharkov is located in the northeast and is the second largest city in the country after the capital Kiev.

Moscow reports an attack on the Ukrainian command structure

According to the Russian army, the rocket attack destroyed the command post of the Ukrainian armed forces with senior officers. “The attack killed more than 50 generals and officers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, including officers of the General Staff and Command Staff of the Kakhovka Unit, airborne units and units operating in the Mykolaiv and Zaporizhzhya regions,” a spokesman for the Russian Ministry of Defense said. Igor Konašenkov. Accordingly, the command post in the Dnipropetrovsk region near the settlement of Shyroka Dacha, south of the town of Kryvyi Roh, was hit by naval guided missiles of the “Caliber” type.

On both sides a growing tendency to desertion

According to British intelligence experts, intense fighting in the Donbas affects the morale of soldiers on both sides. “Ukrainian forces have probably suffered from desertions in recent weeks, but Russian morale in particular is likely to continue to be plagued by problems,” the Defense Ministry said in a daily news report on the Ukrainian war in London.

Report: Kremlin punishes Kazakhstan

After Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev distanced himself from the war stance of Russian President Vladimir Putin at the International Economic Forum in St. Petersburg, Russia imposed restrictions on Kazakh oil supplies. He reported this to the “Moscow Times” on his Telegram channel. Kazakh oil exports were stopped in the port of Novorossiysk on the Black Sea. Objects that could be World War II mines have reportedly been found in the port area.

Tokaev said on Friday that Kazakhstan would not recognize the “People’s Republics” of Donetsk and Luhansk as independent states. The UN right to self-determination is at odds with the right of states to territorial integrity. Therefore, they do not recognize Taiwan, Kosovo, Abkhazia or South Ossetia. “And of course this principle also applies to quasi-state areas like Donetsk and Luhansk.”

Kazakhstan’s leadership for abandoning nuclear weapons

Kazakhstan’s leadership has reaffirmed after Sunday’s provocation in St. Petersburg. Against the background of the Ukrainian war, it called for the destruction of all nuclear weapons around the world by 2045. and how urgently it is necessary to ban and destroy the deadly weapon, “wrote Kazakh Foreign Minister Muchtar Tleuberdi in an article for the Lit daily website.

The British Chief of Staff is mobilizing

According to media reports, the new Chief of Staff of the British Armed Forces sent a circular to all soldiers urging them to prepare for the war effort in Europe. With regard to Russia’s attack on Ukraine, Britain must also prepare for another Russian aggression in mainland Europe, General Patrick Sanders argued, according to the British news agency PA. “There is now an urgent need to build an army capable of defeating Russia on the battlefield alongside our allies,” the PA quoted from a letter from the chief of staff who took office last Monday. The Chief of Staff is a senior soldier in the British Army.

Habeck is working on a gas savings plan

Federal Economy Minister Robert Habeck announced measures to reduce gas consumption in Germany and fill the gas storage for the winter. The situation is serious, Habeck said in an evening in Flensburg. Security of supply is currently guaranteed. “But everything we consume less helps.” In the future, more coal will be used to produce electricity instead of gas. “It is bitter, but in this situation it is almost necessary to reduce gas consumption,” said the Greens politician. Gas tanks should be full by winter. This has the highest priority. Otherwise, Germany would be “politically blackmailed.”

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