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Vitamin D with effects on asthma?

Many people suffer from asthma, and children are quite often affected. According to a recent study, the diseases could Vitamin D can play an important role.

Iranian research team University of Kerbal has a connection between Vitamin D deficiency and asthma examined in childhood and found noticeable overlaps. The corresponding results of the study were published in the “Journal of Preventive Diagnostics and Treatment Strategies in Medicine”.

Millions of people with asthma around the world

Asthma is an extremely widespread complaint, of which worldwide millions of people are affected, the researchers report. Chronic respiratory disease is caused mainly by and increased airway inflammation and Respiratory hypersensitivity significant.

Vitamin D and asthma

Vitamin D is caused by researchers immunomodulatory effects of particular interest in asthma aa 25-Hydroxyvitamin-D-Mangel in serum, it is considered a risk factor for the development of severe chronic diseases in which inflammatory processes play a role.

In some earlier studies Association between vitamin D and asthma The research team explains that other studies have reached conflicting conclusions.

In the current study, researchers have now checked data from children who Asthma We visited the Karbala Children’s University Hospital to find out if there is a connection Vitamin D deficiency could exist.

Significantly reduces the level of vitamin D in the serum

Overall 55 asthmatic and 66 healthy children under the age of 14 were included in the study as a research and control group. The researchers explained that demographic information and body mass index were recorded in both groups. Also with all 116 children Blood levels of 25-hydroxyvitamin D measured.

“Significantly lower serum vitamin D levels were found in the patient group compared to the control group”, experts report on the results. That would be it 46 children with asthma (92 percent) have a vitamin D deficiency (30 ng / ml or less 25-hydroxyvitamin D).

No significant relationship was found between vitamin D levels and age, gender, obesity, sun exposure and food intake in asthma.

No causal link has been established

The study showed that Frequency of vitamin D deficiency in children with asthma compared with controls clearly increased is, scientists conclude. However, the extent to which there is a causal link cannot be determined from the current results of the study and now needs to be examined in further research. (fp)

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  • Nabaa Mohammed Jawad Al-Tuama, Zuhair Mahdi Almusawi, Haidar Abdul Amir Najim Abood, Ali Abutiheen, Karrar Mohammed Jawad Al-Tuama: Associations between Vitamin D Deficiency and Childhood Asthma; in: Journal of Preventive Diagnostics and Treatment Strategies in Medicine (veröffentlicht 15.06.2022),

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