US President: Biden falls on a bike ride – apparently uninjured

ATPresident S Joe Biden fell off his bike on Saturday morning’s tour, but was clearly not injured. A video from a distribution by White House reporters shows a 79-year-old man getting up and saying, “I’m fine.” He said he lost his balance trying to pull his foot out of the pedal loop.

Biden wanted to stop near their beach house in Delaware on a bike ride with his wife, Jill, to talk to passersby. They both drove five minutes after the incident.

According to the White House press distribution list, the fall resulted in a “wild mess between the secret service and the press.” Biden did not suffer any visible scratches or bruises. “No medical treatment is needed. The president is looking forward to spending the rest of the day with his family, “said the official.

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Biden is the oldest American president in history and his health is the subject of much speculation. In November 2021, his doctor confirmed that he was “healthy” and “robust.”

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