United Kingdom: Deportation flight to Rwanda stopped

Status: 15.06.2022 00:58

The planned British deportation flight to Rwanda has been stopped for the time being. In the case of an isolated intervention, the European Court of Human Rights ordered a suspension due to the “real risk of irreversible damage”.

The planned British deportation flight to Rwanda was stopped at the last minute by the European Court of Human Rights. The court found that the asylum seekers concerned had a “real risk of irreversible damage”.

The first British deportation flight to Rwanda was to take off in the evening – regardless of the number of people on board, as Foreign Minister Liz Truss had previously pointed out. Meanwhile, lawyers have tried to appeal against deportation decisions or obtain court orders on a case-by-case basis for identified migrants and refugees.

The Strasbourg court said the deportation should be suspended until British courts reach a final decision on the legality of the deportations. It is about the deportees’ access to fair procedures in Rwanda and the classification of the country as safe. This decision is scheduled for July.

Truss told Sky News that she could not say how many people would be on board the plane, “but what is really important is that we have developed a principle and started to transform the business model of these terrible traffickers, to break through. ”

Two British courts have rejected the blockade

The day before, two British courts had refused to block deportation flights. The British media reported that the legal opposition had already reduced the number of migrants to be deported that evening from 31 to seven.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government wants to deport migrants to the East African country who have entered the English Channel illegally as black passengers or on small boats. Their asylum applications are to be processed in Rwanda, and if they are accepted, they can stay there.

London wants to stick to Rwanda’s plan

Despite a serious defeat in court, the British government wants to stick to its controversial deportation plan. “We will not be discouraged from doing the right thing and protecting our national borders,” said Interior Minister Priti Patel after the rare intervention of the Strasbourg court.

The friend added that they were already working on preparations for the next flight. “I am disappointed that the courts and last-minute disputes prevented today’s flight from departing,” the interior minister said. It is very surprising that the European Court of Human Rights intervened after British courts had previously ruled otherwise.

Over the years, London wanted to declare its controversial Rwandan Pact, in which the Conservative government wants to discourage other people seeking protection from entering the United Kingdom. The United Nations and many other organizations consider this a violation of international law.

No deportation flight to Rwanda yet

Imke Koehler, ARD London, 15/06/2022 00:18

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