Ukrainian war live: +++ 04:08 Scholz defends Merkel’s attempt at reconciliation with Russia +++

Chancellor Olaf Scholz defends his predecessor Angela Merkel’s policy of reconciliation with Russia: “An attempt at reconciliation can never be wrong, nor can there be an effort for a peaceful relationship,” Scholz said. “I see myself close to my predecessor.” However, the SPD politician has assessed energy policy towards Russia in a completely different way in recent years: “But it was a mistake in German economic policy that we focused our energy supplies too much on Russia without building the necessary infrastructure, so if we can change course quickly.”

+++ 02:59 Johnson demands “continued financial and technical assistance” for Ukraine +++
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson called on Ukraine’s Western allies to provide them with long-term support and warned of the consequences of a possible victory for Russia. Kiev supporters must ensure that Ukraine “has the strategic resilience to survive and ultimately win,” Johnson wrote in a comment to the Sunday Times. Time is now the “deciding factor”. In his contribution, Johnson formulates a four-point plan for “long-term financial and technical assistance” for Ukraine. Its parts should be maintained “for the coming years” and possibly strengthened. Johnson explicitly warns against the continued acceptance of Russian territorial gains in Ukraine. “Such a farce would be the aggressor’s biggest victory in Europe since World War II.”

+++ 01:43 Governor: Civilians do not want to leave the chemical plant +++
Ukrainian civilians, who are being held in shelters at the Azot chemical plant in the war-torn city of Sievjerodonetsk, do not want to be evacuated, according to regional leadership. “They are in constant contact with them. They have been offered evacuations several times, but they do not want to,” Luhansk Governor Serhiy Hajday said on television. 568 civilians, including 38 children, sought refuge in the race. The place cannot be compared to the Azovstal steel plant in the port city of Mariupol, Hajdaj said. “This is not an underground city. They are individual shelters that are separate, not interconnected.”

+++ 00:12 Stoltenberg: The war can last for years +++
NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg expects the war in Ukraine to last for years. That is why you should not relax in Ukraine’s support against Russia, he told Bild am Sonntag. The costs are high, but unless you take a firm stand against Russian President Vladimir Putin, “we will pay a much higher price,” Stoltenberg said. He expects Ukraine to be able to expel Russian troops from the Donbas again with additional arms supplies from the West. The Western Defense Alliance will not intervene in the fighting itself. “We are helping the country, but we will not send NATO troops to Ukraine.” As a clear signal to Moscow, they strengthened their own defenses by 40,000 NATO-led troops.

+++ 23:10 factory in Isjum burns after a rocket fire +++
Russian rockets hit a gas processing plant near the city of Izjum in eastern Ukraine. According to the governor, there is a big fire. In addition to the factory, houses were also affected. There is no information about the victims.

+++ 22:20 Almost two million Ukrainians abducted to Russia +++
According to the Moscow army, almost two million people were brought to Russia from the disputed areas of Ukraine. A Defense Ministry official estimated the total number of Ukrainians at 1.936 million, including 307,000 children. On Saturday alone, 29,730 people were evacuated to Russia, including 3,500 children, says Colonel General Mikhail Mizincev.

According to Moscow, people from the combat zones are brought “to safety” in Russia. Ukraine has accused Russia of not allowing people to flee to areas controlled by the Kiev government. From Ukraine’s point of view, these are deportations. Many Ukrainian refugees are trying to leave Russia and travel to third countries.

+++ 21:40 Russia expects record harvest due to thefts in Ukraine +++
“The Kherson region will help the Russian Federation achieve a record grain harvest in 2022,” said Russian news server, referring to the Russian-appointed governor of the occupied Kherson region, Vladimir Sald. “The Kherson region has always produced a good harvest,” said Saldo, who was described as a collaborator by the Ukrainian authorities. Ukraine accuses Russia of not only destroying the country but also plundering it.

+++ 21:27 Ukrainian first lady worries about mental stability of Ukrainians +++
“Every Ukrainian is now under great psychological stress,” Ukrainian President Olena Zelenska told British Guardian. “Half of our population lives apart from their families.” At the moment, the country is concentrating on fighting the Russians, but when the war is over, there will have to be a major program to heal the nation. “No one needs a country that has won, fought for its territory, but has been inhabited by people who cannot live, function or raise their children normally. We are in great danger,” says Olena Selenská.

+++ 20:58 Russian missile attack destroys oil tanks +++
Russian troops are using a missile attack to destroy oil tanks near the central Ukrainian city of the Dnieper. The regional administration reports three missiles that hit the warehouse. “There is a strong fire,” writes Dnipropetrovsk Regional Governor Valentyn Resnichenko. Three people were taken to the hospital with burns.

+++ 20:35 EU: Russia uses hunger as a weapon +++
The EU accuses Russia of deliberately creating a risk of famine in large parts of the world. It was “a conscious political decision by Moscow to use grain exports as a weapon and a tool of blackmail against anyone who opposes their aggression in Ukraine,” European Foreign Minister Josep Borrell wrote in a blog post on Saturday.

“Russia has turned the Black Sea into a war zone, blocking grain and fertilizer supplies from Ukraine and also affecting Russian commercial shipping,” Borrell said. The EU is working with the United Nations to allow grain exports from Ukraine. “We hope to find a solution in the coming days. Failure to do so could lead to a global food disaster.”

+++ 19:53 Battle of Sievjerodonetsk: Russian troops gain territory +++
The Russian army is conquering other areas of the heavily disputed Sievjerodonetsk administrative center, but it cannot completely control the former city. “As a result of the shelling and attacks, the enemy has achieved partial success in the village of Metjolkine and is trying to establish itself there,” the Ukrainian General Staff said in an evening report. Metyolkine is located southeast of Sievjerodoneck. Chechen regional dictator Ramzan Kadyrov has previously said that the city was conquered by Russian forces. Thousands of Chechens are fighting in the Russian army in Ukraine.

+++ 19:08 The US could supply four more HIMARS +++
An attempt by Russian troops to attack Ukrainian positions in the city’s industrial area failed, according to the Ukrainian General Staff. Russian attempts at attack were also unsuccessful in Syrotyne, a village west of Metjolkine.

The Pentagon is considering delivering four more rocket launchers to Ukraine. This is reported by the US intelligence server Politico, referring to information from the US Department of Defense. If the White House agreed, the number of HIMARS artillery systems sent to the country would double; HIMARS stands for “High Mobility Artillery Rocket System”. A Pentagon spokesman said the decision would be made “based on Ukraine’s immediate needs.”

Ukrainian MP Oleksandra Ustinova told Politico that Ukraine needs many more rocket launchers along with longer-range ammunition. “The Russians have penetrated 200 kilometers into our country,” Ustinova said. The US wants to prevent Ukraine from firing on Russian territory. According to Ustinová, four already engaged HIMARS are not enough. “We asked for ten times more.”

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