Ukrainian politics: Boris Johnson warns allies of “farce”

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Boris Johnson warns allies of “farce”

Klaus Geiger

Chancellor Scholz again promises arms supplies

Russian attacks continue in eastern Ukraine. The senior general estimates that almost half of the Ukrainian equipment was destroyed in the fighting. All the more important, then, are the stocks that Chancellor Scholz is promising again.

In a post for guests, the British prime minister warned Western countries not to have any illusions. Olaf Scholz should be one of the addressees of the warning. Green leader Lang announces new relief. More in live ticker.

DBritish Prime Minister Boris Johnson called on Ukraine’s Western allies to provide long-term support to the country and warned of the consequences of a possible Russian victory. In an op-ed for The Sunday Times, Johnson wrote that Kiev supporters must ensure that Ukraine “has the strategic resilience to survive and eventually win.”

“Time is of the essence now,” Johnson wrote in an article published late Saturday night. Everything will now depend on “whether Ukraine strengthens its defense capabilities faster than Russia regains its offensive capability.” The task of the Allies is to “ensure that time plays for Ukraine”.

In his contribution, Johnson formulated a four-point plan for “sustainable financial and technical assistance” for Ukraine. Its parts should be maintained “for the coming years” and possibly strengthened.

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Johnson explicitly warned against the continued acceptance of Russian territorial gains in Ukraine. Allowing Russian President Vladimir Putin will not make the world calmer. Johnson wrote literally: “Such a farce would be the aggressor’s greatest victory in Europe since World War II.”

Johnson visited Ukraine unexpectedly on Friday and met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenysky. According to the British government, he offered a “large training program for the Ukrainian armed forces” in Kiev.

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For the second time since the beginning of the war in Kiev: Boris Johnson (l.) With Volodymyr Zelensky

According to this, British forces could “train up to 10,000 (Ukrainian) soldiers every 120 days.”

All developments in live ticker.

3:00 – The chairman of the FDP parliamentary group warns against excessive income taxes

The chairman of the FDP parliamentary group, Christian Dürr, warned against excessive taxes on profits from the extraordinary profits of oil companies in the Ukrainian war. Dürr told Tagesspiegel: “I do not understand supporters of excessive income taxes at all. It’s playing with fire, because corporations could easily pass on additional taxes to citizens. This excess profit tax would eventually be paid by private households. We should be the guardians of the market economy and not the price drivers. “

According to Dürr, Germany already has high tax rates. “She is OK, too. But if we go one step further, innovative companies will no longer come to us. Or fewer new companies are being set up. “

Nevertheless, he wants to take a closer look at whether the discount on the tank is 100%. “Cartel law is the right tool for this.” Economy Minister Robert Habeck (Greens) said he wanted to tighten cartel law. Dürr said: “When we decided to discount the tanks, it was our homework to get Mr. Habeck to tighten antitrust law. But it must be in accordance with the law. There is no point in intervening and then being sued by corporations. “

00:04 – Green Boss: Another relief for citizens will be

Green leader Ricardo Lang announced further financial relief for citizens and questioned compliance with the debt brake in 2023. “There will be another relief,” Lang said of “Bild am Sonntag”. “Increased gas and electricity prices have not yet reached people. But that will change with autumn and winter. We are talking about what further relief we need to bring along the way. ”

Lang considers a subsequent offer for a nine-ticket ticket in local public transport to be possible. “Now we are finding out if people really get off the car on the train because of the ticket. If that’s the case, we definitely need to talk in the coalition about how to build on that success, “Lang said.

21:27 – Moscow: Almost two million Ukrainians are brought to Russia

According to the Moscow army, almost two million people were brought to Russia from the disputed areas of Ukraine. A representative of the Ministry of Defense estimated the total number of Ukrainians at 1.936 million, including 307,000 children. On Saturday alone, 29,730 people were evacuated to Russia, including 3,500 children, said Colonel General Mikhail Mizincev.

20:53 – Russian missiles destroy Ukrainian oil tanks on Dnieper

Russian troops destroyed oil tanks near the Central Ukrainian city of the Dnieper on Saturday during a rocket attack. The regional administration announced that three missiles hit a warehouse in the Novomokovsk district. “There is a strong fire,” wrote the governor of the Dnipropetrovsk region Valentyn Reznichenko on the Telegram. Three people were taken to the hospital with burns.

Russian rockets hit a gas factory near the city of Izjum in eastern Ukraine. There was also a big fire there, according to Kharkov region governor Oleh Synyehubov. In addition to the factory, houses were also affected. In this case, no information was provided on the victims.

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