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From: Tobias Utz, Karolin Schäfer, Katja Thorwarth and Marvin Ziegele


A nationwide air raid alarm is being triggered in Ukraine tonight. Russian troops destroy infrastructure: news on Saturday, June 25.

  • Candidate status for Ukraine: Russia sees “aggressive behavior” in the EU
  • Nationwide air warning in the war in Ukraine: explosions at night
  • Ukrainian conflict: This news ticker is continuously updated by our editorial team. Some information comes from the warring factions and cannot be directly verified independently.

+++ 7:30: Russian Duma MP Andrei Gurulev has threatened to bomb Britain. London will be the first city to be bombed by Russian troops. This scenario occurs if the blockade of the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad leads to a war with NATO. “The first city hit will be London. It is crystal clear that the threat to the world comes from the Anglo-Saxons, “he said on Russian state television. He also claimed that Russia would destroy NATO space satellites. The information cannot be verified independently.

+++ 07:00: Russian troops apparently shelled various communities around the city of the Dnieper. During the night, several explosions were reported, leading to a nationwide air emergency (see update from 5:45). According to Oleksander Vilkul, head of the regional military administration, more missiles were used. The shelling destroyed the infrastructure and no injuries have occurred so far. Information provided by the news portal Independent Kyiv published are not independently verifiable.

News of the war in Ukraine: Russia sees “aggressive action” by the EU

+++ 6:30: Russia has described the granting of EU candidate status to Moldova and Ukraine as a “geopolitical kidnapping.” They want to “keep Russia in check,” said Maria Zacharovova, a spokeswoman for Foreign Ministry on Friday. It is an “aggressive approach” that could lead to a new division in Europe, Zakhar said. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov was surprisingly more reserved. Granting the status of EU candidate country to both countries is an “internal matter” of the EU. However, this must be viewed critically, Peskow continued.

News of the war in Ukraine: nationwide air emergency at night

Updates from Saturday, June 25, 05:45: A national air alarm was triggered in Ukraine on Saturday night. In the background were rocket attacks by the Russian army on the cities of the Dnieper and Zaporozhye in southern Ukraine. According to consistent media reports, several explosions have been reported. The information cannot be verified independently.

Ukrainian war
Russian army missiles are fired. The recording comes from June 24 and was published by the Russian Ministry of Defense. (photo symbol) © SNA / Imago Images

+++ 22:30: “By what law or logic does Russia insist on inspections of Ukrainian ships leaving Ukrainian ports and bound for other countries? It doesn’t make sense, “US Secretary of State Antony Blinken told Fred Pleitgen of CNN at a news conference in Germany on Friday (June 24). Blinken is at the Ministerial Conference on Food Security in Berlin. He also said that Ukraine needs reassurance that its ports are safe from potential Russian ships.

Ukraine’s war news: US Secretary of State – “Ukraine needs reassurance that Russian ships are safe”

Blinken did not discuss whether there had been any progress in outsourcing Ukrainian grain. However, he expressed support for the UN, which is trying to find a solution with both Russians and Ukrainians. “The UN and the Secretary-General have worked very hard to reach an agreement that would allow Ukrainian ships to leave Odessa and transport food and grain. We strongly support this effort, “said Blinken.

News of the war in Ukraine: Russian soldiers with “storm activities” near the chemical plant – hundreds rooted

+++ 20:00: Despite Kiev’s crucial decision to give up the heavily attacked Sievjerodoneck administrative center in eastern Ukraine, according to a German news agency, soldiers still stuck to the loyal government in the former city, but also civilians. This follows from the situation report of the General Staff and on Friday’s statements of the management of the city district. Russian troops “carried out offensive activities in the Sievarodonetsk industrial zone,” said the General Staff.

According to the head of the district administration Roman Vlasenko, the withdrawal of Ukrainian troops will take several more days. He also told CNN that 568 civilians were still hiding from attacks at the “Azot” chemical plant. They could leave the plant as soon as the fire stopped, but then only in the direction of areas occupied by the Russians, said Wlassenko.

News of the war in Ukraine: Russia is clearly planning attacks “against civilians” in Belarus

+++ 17:05: According to information from the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, the Kremlin is planning a “series of provocations against infrastructure and civilians” in Belarus with the aim of “involving the country in the military conflict with Ukraine,” the ministry wrote in a telegram.

Among other things, residential buildings in Masyr could be bombed, he said. It is said that groups disguised as civilians arrived in the city in the southeast, including employees of the Russian secret service and mercenaries from private military companies. The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense expects a similar scenario as in the 1990s “during the outbreak of war in Chechnya.” Initially, the information cannot be independently verified. Belarus has recently increased its military presence on the border with Ukraine.

News of the war in Ukraine: New weapons have arrived from the USA

+++ 16:15: The first delivery of four mobile artillery missile systems promised by the United States to Ukraine has now arrived, a spokesman for the US Department of Defense confirmed. The newly announced deliveries of four multiple rocket artillery systems from Himar are expected to arrive “in mid-July.” In addition, Ukrainians are currently being trained to operate such systems, CNN said, citing U.S. defense officials.

First report from Friday, June 24 at 3:30 p.m .: The Russian army continues to advance in the Luhansk region. Meanwhile, the Russian occupiers also conquered the city of Hirske in eastern Ukraine. This was announced by the Arab news agency Aljazeera community leader Oleksiy Babchenko. “Unfortunately, as of today, the entire district of Hirske is occupied,” Babtschenko said in a television show. There are still “minor local battles”, but the enemy has attacked. (marv / ktho / tu / kas s AFP / dpa)

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