++ Ukrainian news: A rocket hits a Russian warship

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From: Tobias Utz, Isabel Wetzel, Fee Halberstadt, Daniel Dillmann, Christian Stör, Delia Friess


Putin reportedly deployed more than 330,000 troops in the Ukrainian war. The Ukrainian army hit a Russian warship at Snake Island: news on Friday, June 17.

  • He killed three people: Russia launches raid on Luhansk.
  • “Most important” speech: The Kremlin has announced that Vladimir Putin wants to speak on Friday (June 17).
  • Our editorial team shows the situation around the Ukrainian war in this newsletter on the Ukrainian conflict. The source of information is partly the conflicting parties of the Ukrainian war. Information on the number of casualties or the course of the war cannot be directly verified independently.

+++ 9:30: The Ukrainian army reports that a Russian tugboat was hit by a rocket. The ship “Vasily Beg” was on its way to the Russian-occupied Snake Island south of the Odessa region with soldiers, weapons and ammunition. This was announced by the regional governor Maxym Marchenko. The information cannot be independently verified.

News of the war in Ukraine: There were about 330,000 Russian soldiers in the war

+++ 08:00: In the meantime, around 330,000 troops were probably deployed to the war against Ukraine, even without a new general mobilization. The American think-tank Institute for the Study of War informs about it with reference to Ukrainian officials. However, it is not clear whether the numbers include soldiers who have already been forcibly mobilized in the self-proclaimed “People’s Republics” of Donetsk and Luhansk. According to an analysis Deputy Chief of Staff for Major Operations Oleksiy Gromov said that the Kremlin could still increase the number of Russian military personnel in Ukraine by conducting covert or complete mobilization. Most recently, the new law abolished the age limit for military service. In addition, Russian bloggers suspect that other obstacles could fall, such as the state of health or the cleanliness of police files.

Ukrainian war
A soldier of the Russian Navy. © Konstantin Mihalchevskiy / Imago Images

Ukraine-News: Hundreds of civilians in a chemical plant

Updates from Friday, June 17 7:00 AM: According to Kyiv Independent, the governor of the Luhansk region states that hundreds of civilians are still imprisoned in the Azot chemical plant, despite the promise of a humanitarian corridor. Russia has declared a humanitarian corridor. Russia and Ukraine accuse each other of failing to evacuate.

+++ 18:30: In eastern Ukraine, Ukrainian and Russian troops continued heavy fighting in the Luhansk and Donetsk regions. In the direction of the city of Bachmut, Russian attacks are taking place “to improve the tactical situation”, said the Ukrainian General Staff. The cities of Wessele, Soledar, Berestowe and Vowchojarivka were under artillery fire. Heavy fighting is also taking place in the separatist stronghold of Donetsk. In the neighboring Luhansk region, the city of Sievjerodonetsk was particularly hot.

Russian raid on Luhansk – the number of killed Ukrainian soldiers is increasing

+++ 15:00: The Russian air raid killed at least three people and injured seven people in Lysychansk in the Luhansk region. According to Kyiv Independent, Russian troops hit a residential building where civilians were hiding, Luhansk Oblast Governor Serhiy Haidai said on Thursday, June 16. The rubble is now being cleaned on site. According to the official, Russia destroyed or damaged almost 11,300 houses in the Luhansk region, including 3,188 high-rise buildings.

+++ 14:00: According to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenský, 60 to 100 Ukrainian soldiers have been killed every day since Russia intensified the Donbas offensive. This number has increased significantly in the last two weeks, said David Arakhamia, according to the online portal Kyiv Independent. Arakhamia leads Ukraine’s negotiations with Russia, and is therefore one of Zelenský’s closest advisers.

The war in Ukraine: The number of dead soldiers has risen sharply in the last two weeks

Ukraine has called in a million people and can recruit another two million, giving it the number it needs to continue fighting in the Donbas, Arakhamia added.

US Chief of Staff General Mark Milley said the number of Ukrainian casualties was difficult to estimate. Earlier media reports of about 100 deaths and up to 300 injuries a day “roughly matched our estimate,” Milley continued. He did not address the recent Ukrainian assessment. Milley also said that Russia had suffered “huge” losses and that Ukraine was fighting effectively.

Battle of Sievjerodonetsk: 10,000 civilians imprisoned – Russians destroy escape bridge

+++ 13:00: According to the local governor, around 10,000 civilians have been stranded in the Ukrainian city of Sievjerodonetsk, where, according to the BBC, among others, they have been fighting. “Out of a population of 100,000, about 10,000 remain,” Luhansk Governor Sergei Haidai said in the Telegram. He announced that the Ukrainian army was detaining the enemy in the city “as far as possible”. The last bridge leading from the city was destroyed in the fighting at the beginning of the week and imprisoned the city’s inhabitants.

Sieverodonetsk: Still 10,000 civilians imprisoned in the city being fought

Imprisoned civilians – many of whom are hiding in bunkers under the Azot chemical plant – are running out of basic supplies as water, food, sanitation and electricity supplies dwindle. According to Interfax, Russia wants to reopen the humanitarian corridor to the civilian population. The planned evacuation did not take place on Wednesday.

The United Nations has told the BBC that hundreds of civilians have taken refuge in bunkers under the Azot power plant and that water and food supplies are deteriorating rapidly.

Battle of Sjewerodonetsk: Ukraine withdraws troops – Russia before crossing the river

+++ 10:00: According to the American news station CNN, two Americans have been missing for almost a week, who probably fought alongside the Ukrainian army in northern Kharkov. According to their families and Ukrainian soldiers, they fear that they have been captured by Russian forces.

According to information, the men are Alexander John-Robert Drueke (39) of Tuscaloosa in Alabama and Andy Tai Ngoc Huynh (27) of Hartselle, Alabama.

War in Ukraine: Two Americans could be captured by Russia

Drueke and Huynh were lost during the battle, and no remains were found during subsequent searches. Neither the US State Department nor Ukraine has yet confirmed that both Americans are missing. “We are closely monitoring the situation and we are in contact with the Ukrainian authorities,” the spokesman said. According to an interview with CNN, they both went to war in Ukraine out of love for the USA. Almost at the same time, the Russian propaganda channel announced on the Telegram that two Americans had been captured near Kharkov.

Battle of Sjewerodonetsk: Ukraine withdraws troops – Russia before crossing the river

+++ 09:10: Earlier this week, local governor Serhiy Haidai said all three bridges in Sieverodonetsk had been destroyed by Russia. It also means that supplies and evacuating civilians are now impossible, the BBC said.

War in Ukraine: Russia will try to “turn tactical advantage into operational advantage”

But Russian troops would now have to find a way to get to the warring city in the east, “to turn a tactical advantage into an operational advantage,” the British Department of Defense said, according to the BBC. The conquest of Severodonetsk has been one of Russia’s most important military targets for several weeks now.

Russia: Ukraine “cynically” failed to evacuate from the Azot factory

First report from Thursday, June 16, 7:10 am: Russia has accused Ukraine of preventing the evacuation of civilians from a chemical plant in the besieged eastern Ukrainian city of Sieverodonetsk. The Ministry of Defense in Moscow said on Wednesday that Russia had created a corridor to bring civilians from the Azot factory to safety. However, the “Kiev authorities” “cynically failed” the “humanitarian operation”.

On Tuesday, Russia announced a humanitarian corridor that will be open for 12 hours. According to Russian information, the civilians anchored in the Azot race were to be given the opportunity to leave Sievjerodonetsk towards the Luhansk region controlled by pro-Russian separatists.

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