Ukrainian Ambassador to Illner – weapons training via YouTube – politics

Chancellor at war! Scholz talks about heavy weapons, but also about the long-awaited status of an EU candidate country for a battered country. Maybrit Illner asks: “Traveling to Kiev – warm words or real help?”


Ralf Stegner (62, SPD). A party member warned this afternoon on BILD television: “Putin must not pass, Ukraine must not have a dictated peace.”

Roderich Kiesewetter (58, CDU). At the same time, the defense politician and former colonel hoped on WELT TV that the three heavyweights of the EU, Scholz, Macron and Draghi, “are not interested in the ceasefire line, which the Russians would then bury”.

Andrij Melnyk (46). The Ukrainian ambassador became unpopular as a reminder, but won: “Ukraine will win this war.”

Katja Gloger (62). The author of the book and an expert on Russia tweeted at the beginning of the war: “No monuments will be built to Putin.”

Anne Gellinek (60). The ZDF correspondent is attached from Brussels.

Proven opinion experts in a clear and truthful manner. Zoff-o-Meter is not in the mood for academic ricochet today!

The strongest statements

“An important visit for Ukraine,” said Ambassador Melnyk, “but hopefully also for the Federal Chancellor, because he was able to see for himself how desperate the situation is. Accordingly, we hope that the Chancellor has also acquired a sense of urgency.

According to Melnyk, support for his country gives EU candidate status “a little hope that the Chancellor will reach the unanimity needed in Brussels in the coming days. We are not beyond the mountain yet. “

Different ratings

Stegner sees the path as a “strong European signal”. The SPD MP answered Illner’s title question “warm words or real help” with the teasing “both!”

Ralf Stegner (SPD)Foto: ZDF

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Ralf Stegner (SPD)Photo: ZDF

“A very strong sign,” Kiesewetter said, adding that the three founding members of the EU had traveled to Kiev. The difference: “Macron has made it very clear that Ukraine must win and that arms supplies must be rapid. Germany is a country that announces a lot and does a lot of late. ”Boom!

the most legitimate claim

Then the edge of the CDU politician knocked across the table: “We still don’t deliver what we could deliver directly, such as ‘Marten’ or ‘Leopard’. Four “Mars” launchers have been reduced to three, “he criticizes. “Well, I wish there was something more specific.”

The most satisfied comments

“Today is a good day,” says Gloger happily, as: “Ukraine has a European perspective. Putin cannot interpret this other than as a great political defeat.

Foto: ZDF

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Russian expert Katja GlogerPhoto: ZDF

“Liberation,” agrees ZDF correspondent Gellinek. “The next step is accession negotiations.” According to her, however, “it doesn’t really mean anything, we’re talking about a decade” before Ukraine will actually be a member of the EU. Ugh!

The most realistic picture of the situation

“Accession to the EU is not a gift to Ukraine,” the ambassador emphasizes, “but something that is also in the Federal Republic’s own interest. No other country has benefited more from the EU’s expansion to the east, both economically and politically.

Stegner tilts his head, but Melnyk increases his successful pressure to be even more annoying: “We don’t want to be petitioners. We have shown that we are able to defend not only ourselves but also other partners, the topic of NATO! The point is that the Germans put their money where their mouths are. ”

The clearest urgent request

For Ukraine, the visit is an “honor” and “definitely a strong message,” the ambassador praised, “We need years to work our way through the accession chapters, but now we have to survive!”

Kiesewetter hits the nail on the head: “We are the country in Europe that has the largest reserves of battle tanks and armored personnel carriers,” says a CDU politician. “We have the opportunity from the industry to supply 100 Panzerhaubitz 2000, over 30 ‘Marder’, over 30 ‘Leoparden’, but the Chancellery has not given its consent.”

Roderich Kiesewetter (CDU)Foto: ZDF

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Roderich Kiesewetter (CDU)Photo: ZDF