Ukraine News: Putin’s propaganda in its purest form

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From: Tobias Utz, Fee Halberstadt and Marvin Ziegele


Russian President Vladimir Putin at the International Economic Forum in St. Petersburg.
Russian President Vladimir Putin at the International Economic Forum in St. Petersburg. © imago-images

At the International Economic Forum, Vladimir Putin praised a “special operation” in Ukraine.

  • The International Economic Forum will be held on June 17 in St. Petersburg
  • Russian President Vladimir Putin accuses inflation of “years of Western mistakes”
  • Russian oil and gas supplies are increasingly diverting from the EU to other parts of the world

+++ 14:45: Vladimir Putin’s speech at the International Economic Forum has begun. Putin said the economic “blitzkrieg” against Russia had failed. Western heads of state would speak of “worrying prospects” for European politicians to harm themselves and their countries. “The quality of life of Europeans is declining,” Putin said. In addition, sanctions against Russia were applied “without contact with reality” and “without reason”. The economic situation is not the result of a “special operation” in Donbas. According to Putin, this is a “deliberate distortion of the facts.” The situation on the markets was known long before the “operation”. Debt and inflation have already been caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Putin asks what the “military operation” has to do with it. “Nothing at all.” Inflation, the food crisis, the fuel crisis are the result of systematic mistakes by the US and European bureaucracy. The operation would have “some impact”, but overall the European Union and the US would use the “operation” as an excuse. Anyone who “went to elementary school” would know.

“Massive” cyber attacks: Putin’s “extremely important” speech has been surprisingly delayed

+++ 13:30: Vladimir Putin’s speech at the International Economic Forum was reportedly postponed. In addition to the Russian media, a German news agency reported.

Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin would like to explain at the economic forum how this should proceed with regard to sanctions. (Stock photo) © Mikhail Metzel / Kremlin Pool / Imago Images

Accordingly, there have been numerous “massive” cyber attacks on the incident. There was an attack on the admission system, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Friday. The speech scheduled for 13:00 CEST was postponed by an hour. The information cannot be independently verified.

Anonymous is likely to succeed in a new coup against Putin

News of the war in Ukraine: Vladimir Putin has an “extremely important” speech today

First report from Friday 17 June 09:00: St. Petersburg – This year, the 25th International Economic Forum will take place in St. Petersburg. As head of the Kremlin, Putin feels isolated from the West, but smiles at EU and US sanctions in connection with Russia’s war against Ukraine. He sees the raw material power on the road to success.

The 1920s were to be a time of “consolidating Russia’s economic sovereignty,” Putin wrote in a welcome address to economic forum participants. This Friday (June 17), the Russian president wants to explain how the sanctions are to continue. Earlier this week, a Kremlin spokesman announced that Putin would make an “extremely important” speech.

Ukraine-News: Putin shifts blame for inflation – “Years of Western mistakes”

“The annual meeting is taking place at a difficult time for the world community,” Putin said. The West sees a 69-year-old man responsible for numerous crises and high energy and food prices. The head of the Kremlin denied: “Years of Western economic mistakes and illegal sanctions have led to a wave of global inflation, the destruction of normal supply and production chains, and a sharp rise in poverty and food deficits.”

Putin has repeatedly stated that EU and US sanctions will not impress Russia. He also said that the situation offered new perspectives. Representatives from more than 100 countries are expected in St. Petersburg under the slogan “New World – New Opportunities”. Due to the massive tensions with the West, Russia is increasingly focusing economically on Asia, especially China and India, but also on Africa and South America.

News of the war in Ukraine: Putin in the economic forum – oil and gas are diverted to other countries

Russia is increasingly redirecting its oil and gas supplies from the EU to other parts of the world. The country is currently generating particularly high revenues due to high oil and gas prices on the world market. The national currency has also recovered significantly after the depreciation of the dollar and the euro at the beginning of the Ukrainian conflict almost four months ago. The ruble is now stronger than for years.

Many Western companies, including German ones, have left Russia due to sanctions. Putin explained that the gaps were filled by other companies. For example, after the departure of the American chain McDonald’s, new burger restaurants were opened in branches. In Moscow, queues have been forming at bars for several days.

Ukraine News: Participants from 115 countries at the Economic Forum – Putin will be there as well

This year, the organizers of the Economic Forum are talking about participants from 115 countries. In the record year 2020, 19,000 participants from 145 countries took part. Many participants were not mentioned this time. This year, entrepreneurs have the opportunity to join the forum anonymously. This is to offer them protection so that they are not penalized in the context of Western sanctions policy. According to media reports, participants from France, Italy, Canada and the USA are also registered.

There are also several guests of honor this year. President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev of Kazakhstan, an authoritarian former Soviet republic, is expected. The Taliban from Afghanistan and separatist leaders from the Russian-recognized People’s Republics of Luhansk and Donetsk, which Ukraine is pursuing as terrorists, are also expected. Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi is said to be linked by a video. Putin will also meet with Russian media representatives, including war reporters. (fh / marv / tu s dpa)

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