Ukraine is likely to succeed in a large-scale attack on Snake Island

Russia seems to have to come to terms with new losses on Snake Island. This time the Ukrainians attacked with artillery from the mainland.

According to the Ukrainian army, it again attacked Snake Island in the Black Sea and “caused considerable losses” to the Russian occupiers. A military spokesman said in a Facebook video: “A concentrated strike was carried out on the island of Zmiinyi, deploying various forces and weapon systems,” the spokesman said. Zmiinyi is the Ukrainian name for Snake Island.

The Kremlin claims that its troops repulsed the “crazy attack”. According to the Russian Ministry of Defense’s telegram channel, the Ukrainians’ plan was to massively shell the island with air and artillery, then land and recapture it. According to that, Ukrainians on Monday attacked 15 drones from the air and rocket launchers and howitzers from the mainland.

Ukraine sank a Russian ship off Snake Island

This could mean that Ukraine is now heading the island for the first time with Western artillery weapons. The shortest travel distance between Zmiinyi and mainland Ukraine is about 35 kilometers. In previous attacks on the island, the Ukrainians used either warplanes, drones or anti-ship missiles. A spokesman for the Ukrainian army did not want to comment on the type of weapons used, so as not to jeopardize the “current action”.

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