Two simple and effective ways to clean your nose again

What’s worse than a stuffy nose? No matter how often you blow your nose: it just won’t help, your nose stays stuffy forever. Fortunately, there are several methods you can use for quick and effective relief.

We’ll show you two natural ways to clean your nose that may seem a little crazy at first glance, but are extremely effective!

The first method activates the deeper structures of the nose, while the second focuses on the brain and clears your cavities in minutes. Just try it!

Method 1: Tongue as an aid to the nose

The first method is to press the tip of the tongue against the roof of the mouth for a few moments. then release Press two fingers (middle finger and index finger together) on the forehead, directly between the eyebrows. Moves for 20 seconds.

How does the exercise work? This gesture activates the vomeric bone, which is located in the back and bottom of the nasal cavity. Repeated movement from front to back releases everything that is blocked in the nasal cavity. A trick you can use anywhere, anytime.

Method 2: The brain listens to the nose

The second way to clean your nose without using sprays or medications is also very simple. Just tilt your head slightly and pinch your nose while holding your breath for as long as possible.

At first, you will feel that you are adding more evil to evil. But this is only temporary. Once you can’t stand it, let go and take a deep breath. The cavities are free again!

How does this technique work now? When you use them, send SOS to your brain: “I can’t breathe anymore.” Your survival mechanism will then start working and clear your cavities so you can breathe again.

Nature reminds us again that our body is an incredible machine that works extremely well – even if we have nasopharyngitis!

Learn to blow your nose properly

By the way, did you know that there are good (and especially bad) ways to blow your nose? If you do not do it properly, your nose will become clogged and infectious mucus can get into your ears, cavities and throat, which according to the GDR can lead to many diseases much more unpleasant than a constantly flowing nostril.

To blow your nose, you shouldn’t blow your nose too much into your handkerchief. Plug one nostril, then the other, without tilting your head in any direction. And of course, you should prefer disposable handkerchiefs, which you can throw away immediately and then wash your hands. This will prevent the spread of pathogens and infect others.

Translated from French Gentside France

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