Trump’s voters do not want to change their minds

Prepared for television: Hearing of the Commission of Inquiry on 16 June
Image: AP

The commission of inquiry brings captivating television. If you want, you can see how Trump wanted to bend the will of the electorate. But who wants to see it?

DThe Commission of Inquiry into the Capitol attack not only carefully examined what Donald Trump did after his defeat in 2020, with which his accomplices undermined the will of the electorate. MEPs have no less carefully worked out a scenario with which to present their findings to millions of audiences at the hearing. This is captivating television. But for whom?

Seven years of trumpism seem extraterrestrial hoping that any argument, no matter how compelling and coherent, could change the minds of the many millions and millions of Americans who remained loyal to Trump.

The price of gas is more important than democracy

First, most ignore the political spectacle – the masses don’t care about Washington even half as much as the record prices at gas stations. Second, the Republican leadership and right-wing opinion leaders have consistently delegitimized reconsiderations as Democrat party maneuvers. Third, and most importantly, many of Trump’s voters simply want to trust him. If they stopped doing it, it would mean admitting that others had been right all these years.

In the end, the commission probably has only one spectator in mind: Attorney General Merrick Garland. It’s getting harder and harder not to blame Trump.

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