Trump threatened and insulted party colleagues

HSenior government officials and legislatures reported on the pressure of the then incumbent and defeated Donald Trump after the 2020 presidential election. Several witnesses – both live at the meeting and in videos of previous interviews – on Tuesday described in detail how Trump and his team called on them to take action against their electoral defeat in their states and then reverse the result. Several Republicans spoke of threats, abuse and harassment by supporters of their party colleague Trump.

To this day, the ex-president claims without any evidence that he was deprived of his victory in the 2020 elections by fraud. For weeks, he tried to use the most controversial methods in order to reverse the election victory of his Democratic challenger, Joe Biden. His camp at the time also failed with dozens of lawsuits against the election results. Opposition to the election result culminated in an attack on the Capitol, which the committee of inquiry is investigating.

On January 6, 2021, Trump’s supporters forcibly attacked the House of Commons in Washington. Congress met there to confirm Biden’s election victory. Five people died in the riots. Trump recently urged his supporters that his election victory had been stolen. He then had to face impeachment, at the end of which he was acquitted.

Trump: “I want to find 11,780 votes”

The Secretary of State responsible for organizing the elections in the state of Georgia, Republican Brad Raffensperger, testified at a meeting of the committee of inquiry on Tuesday. Georgia was one of the countries that tilted the vote in favor of Biden. In a phone call, Trump openly asked Raffensperger to collect enough votes for his election success in Georgia. The recording of the interview was then shared with the media. Among other things, Trump says, “I just want to find 11,780 votes.”

During Tuesday’s meeting, various recordings were made of the infamous 67-minute phone call in which Raffensperger repeatedly opposed the president. Raffensperger said at the meeting that there was no doubt that Biden won the election in Georgia with a difference of about 12,000 votes. Several narratives came to the same conclusion. “Numbers are numbers and numbers don’t lie,” Raffensperger said. “No votes found.” The counting was correct. There were many allegations at the time, “and we investigated each one.” Raffensperger said he and his wife were threatened after refusing to comply with Trump’s request. It was all very disturbing.

The Republican Speaker of the Arizona House of Representatives, Russell Bowers, reported something similar. A former Trump supporter described how his team turned to him at the time on charges of fraud with voters about Arizona. However, no one on Trump’s team ever provided him with any evidence. Bowers explained how Trump and his team had urged him to initiate a procedure in his state’s House of Representatives to address Trump’s election defeat in Arizona. But that would be against the law and against his oath, Bowers said. And he personally made it clear to Trump several times that he would not do anything illegal for him.

Offended as a pedophile, perverted and corrupt

After refusing to succumb to the pressure, protesters marched in front of his house every week, calling him a pedophile, a pervert and a corrupt, threatening and bullying his neighborhood, Bowers said. Other government officials reported similar experiences in transcripts of previously recorded witness interrogations.

Democratic Committee Chairman Bennie Thompson said, “The relentless, destructive campaign of pressure on state and local officials was based on a lie.” Trump knew this, and he did. Thompson warned: “This lie has not disappeared.” It was not until the weekend that the Republican Party in the US state of Texas said that it would not accept the results of the presidential election in 2020.

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