Trump attacks his former vice president – “Mike didn’t have the courage to act” – politics

Former US President Donald Trump (75) has no problem with his fans breaking into the Capitol on January 6, 2021. All the more so with its then vice-president Mike Pence (63).

Pence played according to the democratic rules of the game when Joe Biden, 79, was officially declared the winner of the congressional election. Since then, Trump could barely miss the opportunity to verbally deliver a message to his then-deputy.

“Mike didn’t have the courage to act,” Trump said at an event hosted by an ultra-conservative religious organization in Nashville, Tennessee, on Friday. Pence had a chance to be “historic” on January 6, 2021. “But Mike was afraid, no matter what he was.”

Trump shamelessly feeds the legend that he was the rightful winner of the US election and a victim of massive election fraud.

Trump’s supporters then broke into the seat of parliament in Washington. Congress met there to formally confirm Joe Biden’s election victory.

The violent crowd wanted to prevent it. At the time, Pence chaired the congressional meeting as vice president – a purely ceremonial task.

Trump had previously openly called on his deputy to block the procedure – to help him win the election.

Shortly before the attack on the Capitol, Trump rebuked his supporters at the rally by falsely claiming that his election victory had been stolen.

During the speech, there was “incredible love and patriotism in the air,” Trump said. Only a small percentage then went to the Capitol. And “many of them did nothing wrong”.

When the Capitol was raided after brutal battles with law enforcement officers, the mob devastated the offices and persecuted people’s deputies. They barricaded themselves in the rooms or fled at the last moment, many in fear of death.

Trump's activists on January 6, 2021 in the CapitolFoto: Manuel Balce Ceneta/dpa

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Trump’s activists on January 6, 2021 in the CapitolPhoto: Manuel Balce Ceneta / dpa

Horror record: five dead, 138 police officers injured. Trump’s supporters were then looking for Pence in the building, whom they accused of traitoring and threatening to hang.

New details about the chaotic hours of the day were revealed at a public meeting of the committee investigating the US Capitol on Thursday.

In his speech, Trump condemned the committee and its members. He is a “kidnapper”. “Each of them is a left-wing hatter who hates you all,” Trump told his audience.

Trump has previously called the investigation a “parody of justice.” He continues to insist on his allegations of fraud with voters. The committee is only “an attempt to divert public attention from the truth.”