Through a mini bulletproof vest: monkeys killed in a drug war

Eleven members of the infamous “La Familia Michoacana” cartel were killed in a bloody shootout during the Mexican drug war. In addition, the monkey of one of the criminals died – despite the apparently specially made mini bulletproof vest.

According to several media outlets, the animal was one year old and was called “El Changuito”. In German, it means “Little Monkey”. In addition to the bulletproof vest, he was primate wearing a hooded hoodie and a diaper.

The owner of “El Changuito” is said to have been a fairly large shooter in a criminal organization and shared responsibility for its safety. Only last week, the twenty managed to escape a police raid.

Crazy: A little cult has developed around the dead monkey on the Internet. Many people mourn the animal. Others created a meme from “El Changuito.” The photomontage features his mini-bulletproof vest, angel wings and the saying that it’s not his turn yet and he can rest in peace.

There was a bloody shootout between gang members and the Mexican National Guard’s security forces in Texcaltitlan. Ten dealers died on the spot, one at the hospital. Officials arrested another 10 people, including three women. One of the suspects is less than 15 years old.

During the action, police seized more than 20 weapons. The bodies of the monkeys were also confiscated. The animal is to be necropsied, apparently a protected species.

“La Familia Michoacana” – in English as well as: “Family from the Mexican state of Michoacan” – was founded in 2006. According to US authorities, the cartel smuggles large amounts of cocaine into the United States from southern Mexico.

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