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Nordic walking effectively increases cardiac output in coronary heart disease

Targeted training programs help people Coroner’s Heart Disease (KHK) making, heart power improve. For this purpose, monotonous exercises such as stationary cycling are often performed. However, this has now been proven by a Canadian research team Nordic Walking better results can be achieved.

researchers from University of Ottawa in Canada have shown in a recent study that Nordic walking improves heart output than any other form of exercise used for cardiovascular rehabilitation. The research was recently published in the Canadian Journal of Cardiology.

Consequences of ischemic heart disease

“Patients with coronary artery disease often have reduced function, poor quality of life and an increased risk of later cardiovascular events and mortality.”explains the study leader Dr. Jennifer L. Reed.

A rehabilitation program is therefore important for people with heart disease. Rehabilitation often leads to significant improvement Fitness as mental health achieved.

After rehabilitation, many people quickly lose the motivation to exercise again. One reason is that many people simply do not enjoy performing monotonous forms of exercise.

An alternative to conventional training

Previous research has suggested that unconventional physical activity measures such as high-intensity interval training and Nordic Walking also k Improving the functional capacity of the heart contribute.

Nordic walking is a more sporty variant of walking, which uses special walking sticks, which train the muscles of the upper and lower body when walking.

Nordic walking compared to conventional training

In the current study, for the first time in a 12-week period, the Canadian research team compared alternative rehabilitation programs with Nord Walking compared to conventional training programs.

To this end, three groups with a total of 130 participants received a 12 – week rehabilitation measure, which was either high-intensity interval trainingover continuous training of medium to high intensity or through Nordic Walking was stamped.

All subjects were then followed for 14 weeks.

Study results

Through all three educational programs have been depressive symptoms disabled improved to the same extent. also the quality of life of the participants has improved across all three programs in a similar way.

When comparing functional capacityso Cardiac outputbut other results were obtained.

While groups with high-intensity interval training and continuous to medium-intensity training increased their cardiac output by an average of 12 to 13 percent, participants were able to increase their cardiac output. Increase cardiac output by 19 percent with Nordic Walking.

“This is an important finding because lower functional capacity predicts a higher risk of future cardiovascular events in people with coronary artery disease.”, emphasizes Dr. reed

Why was Nordic walking most effective?

“Nordic walking engages the core muscles, upper and lower body while reducing stress on the knees, which can lead to greater improvement in functional capacity.”suspects the study director.

According to researchers, Nordic walking is an easy and affordable option to improve walking ability, to increase energy consumptiondie train the muscles of the upper body and other functional parameters such as Improve posture, walking and balance. (vb)

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Postgraduate editor (FH) Volker Blašek


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