This is how you can protect yourself

The Asian Tiger Mosquito has also been spreading in Germany for years. It is considered a carrier of dangerous dengue fever. Mosquitoes can also transmit Chikungunya or Zika viruses. The viruses have not yet spread in Germany, but may be introduced by infected returning passengers, Focus said.

Possible symptoms of dengue shock

The first specimens of tropical mosquitoes were found in Germany more than ten years ago. According to the RKI, however, the local climatic conditions are not very suitable for transmissions. It is said that tropical viruses can only spread really well at maximum temperatures. Until now, Italy, Greece and southern France have been considered as foci of possible outbreaks.

To protect against stings, experts rely on conventional methods such as long, tight clothing and insect repellent. In addition, attention should be paid to possible breeding sites in the garden. “Everywhere, over and over again, there should be a check in the garden for open containers of any kind in which water can accumulate.”

According to the RKI, most people develop asymptomatic dengue fever. The development of a mild febrile illness is also possible. A small proportion of patients experience severe progression, which may occur three to seven days after the onset of the first symptoms of severe abdominal pain, persistent vomiting, rapid breathing, mucosal bleeding, vomiting of blood, exhaustion or unrest. In particularly severe cases, symptoms of shock may occur, the report said.

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