“They’re sending their people to their deaths”

Russian troops advance: “They are sending their people to their deaths”


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Updated 16.06.2022 – 20:13Reading time: 1 min.

Under constant fire: Russia is moving slowly but steadily – Ukrainian troops fear the worst. (Co: t-online)

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Ukrainian and Russian troops are fighting hard in the Donbas. Russia is moving slowly but steadily. Ukrainian soldiers have vague suspicions – and a clear goal, as the crime scene videos show.


Ukraine has been defending the offensive wars launched by Russia for almost four months now. The toughest fighting in the country is currently concentrated on the front of the Donbas. The Ukrainian troops there continue to show great fighting spirit and the will to win, despite the Russian army, which has a stronger military presence. But the defenders’ optimism threatens to fall apart.

You can find out how the soldiers are going through the situation under constant fire and what they fear about Russia’s further progress here or in the video above.

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