These diseases ruin every holiday


June 15, 2022 – 17:11 watches

Summer holidays are probably the best time of year for many people. However, frequent holiday illnesses can quickly put up a good mood on holiday. You can find out what the disease is and how best to prevent it in the video.

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dr Interview with Christoph Specht: Holiday diseases and health in summer

In an interview with RTL doctor and medical journalist Dr. Christoph Specht also answered other interesting questions about illnesses on vacation and summer time.

What is it that you often get sick just before the start of the holidays?

Have you ever experienced it? You are going on a well-deserved vacation and suddenly you are sick. “It’s a really weird phenomenon,” says Dr. Christopher Specht. But there is a good explanation for this. Because: Stress normally causes a decrease in the regulation of the immune system. However, this is different when the relaxation phase is approaching. In this case, you have a better immune system despite the stress – but it doesn’t take long. As Specht explains, this increased immune defense will go away as soon as you let your soul swing on vacation.

Can this phenomenon be prevented, for example, by taking vitamin supplements?

“If I did, I must have done it a long time ago,” the expert explains in an interview. Vitamin D, for example, is a very important vitamin. However, the regulation of these values ​​in the body is a long-term matter. “But what I can do is more on a psychological level,” Specht continues. At best, you should try to gradually reduce the stress before going on vacation.

Does it protect the sun and heat from disease, or is it a myth?

Even if you think so, Specht says, “Surprisingly not.” Sunlight, like stress, is much more responsible for shutting down the immune system. On the contrary, a little sun benefits the immune system. As with many other things, the motto for the sun is: less is more.

How do strong temperature fluctuations affect the body and how best to behave?

“Especially when the temperature rise is strong, we have a problem,” says the expert in an interview. According to the doctor, this worsens at high humidity: “Then it’s almost impossible to stand.” However, a good basic level in sports is a good basis for you to be able to handle such situations better physically.

Otherwise, Specht recommends: “Avoid turning the air conditioner all the way up.” It is better if you either do not set the air conditioning too cold or gradually get used to the higher temperature before you have to leave the air-conditioned car again, for example. And last but not least, “Always drink enough.” (vho)

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