The world’s largest freshwater fish discovered in the Mekong

IThe largest freshwater fish to date has been discovered in northern Cambodia. The fisherman caught a female stingray weighing about 300 kilos and almost four meters long in the Mekong – the river crosses six countries and flows into the Gulf of Thailand.

The fisherman, concerned about his catch, contacted a team of researchers who are currently installing sensors in the river to study the movements of freshwater fish in the region as part of the Miracle of the Mekong project.

Natural pools up to a depth of 90 meters

The catch shows how little we know about freshwater rays, says Zeb Hogan, a fish biologist at the University of Nevada who is involved in the Miracle of the Mekong project. “We have a fish here that now holds the record as the largest freshwater fish in the world, and we know almost nothing about it.” According to the researcher, the capture site is an extremely healthy section of the Mekong with natural pools up to 90 meters deep. “It’s a glimmer of hope that these big fish are not extinct yet,” says Hogan. Nevertheless, the site is one of the last habitats of such animals.

The baptized Borama (full moon), as the circular beam was now baptized in the Khmer language, is doing well and was released after she had a sensor fitted. Their movements should now provide researchers with important knowledge about the lifestyle of large freshwater fish.

The species is not dangerous. According to Hogan, the creature has a “banana size” mouth. But there are no teeth in it, but suckers with which the stingray catches mollusks and small fish at the bottom of the river.

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