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Russia and China want to expand their cooperation, the Kremlin said in a phone call between Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping. The head of the Russian state spoke mainly about the prospects of economic and trade cooperation. Their volume should reach record levels in 2022. Both also spoke on Wednesday about expanding military relations. This first phone call between them from the early stages of Russia’s offensive war against Ukraine took place on Si’s 69th birthday.

The situation in Ukraine was also a topic for the presidents, the Kremlin said. Jinping emphasized “the legitimacy of Russia’s measures to protect fundamental national interests in the face of challenges to its security by external forces.” In Russia, the offensive war against Ukraine is still officially called a “military special operation”.

The Chinese state’s CCTV version of Si Jinping’s statement differed from, but did not conflict with, the Kremlin’s version. Jinping “actively supported world peace and the stability of the global economic order,” the CCTV said. He called on all parties to “find a suitable solution to the Ukrainian crisis responsibly,” the report said, which, according to Bloomberg, did not mention military ties or strengthening trade ties. The state agency Xinhua also said that China is willing to support each other in matters of sovereignty and security and important issues.

US President Joe Biden warned China in March

Alexander Gabuev, executive and chairman of the Russia-Asia Program at the Carnegie Moscow Center, said the Kremlin’s information about the call was aimed at audiences in Russia, according to Bloomberg. Putin is trying to show strength after being forced to narrow his war targets to the east because the Russian attack was less successful than planned. The Chinese version, Gabuev argued, apparently pays more attention to the West, where its response to the war would be closely monitored.

In March, US President Joe Biden warned China that if Beijing supported Moscow’s invasion, either militarily or by circumventing US economic sanctions against Russia, it would have “consequences and consequences.” China internationally claims to be neutral in the war in Ukraine, but has largely accepted Russian propaganda at home, including the false claim that the United States operates arms biolab in Ukraine. SZ

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