The U.S. Epidemic Agency gives dubious tips to people infected with chickenpox

ATWe have talked too little about discrimination against minorities during the coronavirus pandemic, which could now be compensated by smallpox. But let’s start at the beginning: Donald Trump’s early attempt to label the new coronavirus as a “Chinese virus” was quickly clarified. Later, the term “Wuhan virus” – Sars-CoV-2 first discovered in the metropolis – was suspected of discrimination.

In the case of “monkey pox”, a dozen scientists are likely to discuss a new name at the World Health Organization in Geneva this week (and the chances are not bad) because monkey proponents have good arguments, monkeys do not blame the global spread of the pathogen among humans.

Tips for masturbation together

The epidemic is now targeting 3,000 known infections, with 42 countries reporting cases, but no one knows how many. The issue of guilt is even more complicated and everything but solved. However, the route of transmission is quickly explained if you read the recommendations of the CDC’s measures for infected people – until the Covid 19 pandemic, a respected institution used by health authorities around the world as a guide. Proposal one: “Virtual sex please without physical contact”. Recommendation Two: “When masturbating together, please keep a minimum distance of six feet, do not touch and, most importantly, do not touch the rash or sore spot.”

Third tip: “Consider having sex with clothing or covering all areas of the rash to minimize skin contact.” Suggestion Four: “Avoid kissing.” Finally, the mandatory hand washing tip is followed by the note: “Limit the number of sexual partners”.

Unfortunately, condoms and their judicious use have been omitted from the sex guide – this prudence is a good bureaucratic habit. The CDC apparently simply does not want to advocate “safer sex”, but wants individuals infected with chickenpox and suspected individuals to abstain from sexual intercourse. However, after the deal, many of those who abide by it will have to take off their jackets and legitimately ask, “Oops, did we just have sex?”

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