The ORF doctor is sure: “The virus stayed here” – Corona virus

Lung specialist Valipour believes that it is possible that we are all infected with Corona several times. Locking in the fall is still unlikely.

Arshang Valipour, a pulmonary specialist at the Floridsdorf clinic, is only slightly surprised by the rising crown numbers. This will again put some pressure on hospitals, Armin Wolf said in an interview with “ZiB 2”, as the level here is consistently higher since Omikron. Many employees are also on holiday in the summer.

The fact that intensive care units are still relatively mild is attributed to the high proportion of those treated or vaccinated. In addition, there is now a cure for severe conditions. However, it is still too early to lift the corona quarantine.

The virus is here to stay

Valipour himself still wears an FFP2 mask in a supermarket, in public transport and, of course, in a hospital, and is tested before meetings with older family members. However, only high-risk patients or people over the age of 65 would currently have the fourth stitch. As a 30- to 40-year-old who does not face any difficult course: “.

“It’s quite possible,” says Arshang Valipour, asking Wolf if we’ll all be infected with Corona several times. This is not uncommon for the flu either. “We assume the virus is here to stay.”

And to the big lockdown question: “I don’t think so,” Valipour speculates in “ZiB 2”. You can’t look at the crystal ball, but the degree of immunization is relatively high. “In the end, it’s a political decision.”

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