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Israelis must go to the polls again!

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett (50) and Foreign Minister Yair Lapid (58) announced in a joint statement on Monday that they will submit a bill on the dissolution of the Knesset next Monday. This means that the elections are likely to be in October.

Lapid is originally set to become incumbent prime minister. Israel is awaiting a fifth election in three and a half years.

Thin coalition

In the elections to the Knesset on March 23, 2021, there was again no clear majority among the parties in Israel. After the current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (72) failed to form a coalition, Bennett was appointed Prime Minister of Israel on June 13.

An agreement was reached between the parties or party alliances Yesh Atid, Chosen LeIsra’el, Jamina, Avoda, Jisra’el Beitenu, Tikva Chadasha, Meretz and Ra’am.

Tight conditions: However, in the case of the Bennet-led government, this was by no means a straightforward matter. 60 members of the Knesset voted for the government, 59 against.

Bennett and Lapid then opted for the principle of rotation, according to which they both wanted to take turns at the head of the government.

In the months immediately following the formation of the government in 2021, but especially in April and May 2022, the coalition increasingly disintegrated – also due to the departure of deputies from the coalition.

Most recently, in April, it put the coalition to the test of tensions between Israelis and Palestinians. Following clashes over the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, the Arab Ra’am party has threatened to withdraw from the coalition if the government continues to crack down on Palestinian protesters.

► On April 6, 2022, MP Idit Silman, formerly the coalition leader of the government alliance, resigned from the Yamina faction and joined the opposition Likud opposition party, Benjamin Netanyahu.

The government thus lost its lean majority.

Government officials said Monday that the “coalition” was “exhausted.”

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