The goat wounded 40 Russian soldiers

The Russian unit in Ukraine wanted to protect itself from the attackers with wires and grenades. The plan went wrong.

The Russian army is not fighting in Ukraine only against human defenders: in the village of Kinski Rosdory in the south of the country, a goat allegedly brought 40 Russian soldiers to the hospital. Ukrainian Truth informs about this with reference to the Ukrainian secret service.

According to this, the Russian unit secured a position in the village with wires connected to grenades. The device was supposed to deter human attackers from a surprise attack, but then a goat from a nearby farm wandered into place. After the first explosion, the frightened animal allegedly ran wildly and fired more and more grenades. It is not clear whether the goat survived the incident.

Although it cannot be assumed that the goat attacked Russian positions deliberately, it would be able to do so. A few years ago, researchers found that animals are significantly smarter than previously thought. The cognitive abilities of goats are more similar to those of elephants and dolphins than to other ungulates, such as sheep and cattle. However, goats could lose some of their intelligence on their way from wild to domestic animals, biologists said.

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