The gas supply situation in Germany is “tense”

Less Russian gas has flowed into Germany since Wednesday evening. The federal network agency sees the supply as stable, but for the first time describes the situation as “tense”.

For the first time since the end of March, the Federal Network Agency described the situation as “tense” in its daily report on gas supplies in Germany. “Gas reserves in Germany are stable at the moment,” the office wrote in a report released Friday afternoon. Security of supply in Germany is currently guaranteed.

The reason for the revaluation is the reduction in the volume of gas supplies through the Baltic gas pipeline Nord Stream 1 in recent days. Russia’s energy company Gazprom reduced gas flows to 40 percent of maximum capacity, citing delays in compressor turbine delays.

“Since the middle of the week, this reduction has also affected the transfer of gas to other European countries, such as France, Austria and the Czech Republic,” the office said. The companies affected by the missing supplies could currently procure gas elsewhere on the market.

Habeck wants to enshrine energy saving in law

However, Federal Economy Minister Robert Habeck considers the reduction in the light of the Ukrainian war to be politically motivated. “Necessary repair work” would not justify “such a throttling of the gas flow,” spokesman Habeck said on Friday.

Energy savings are on the agenda now more than ever: If gas storage volumes do not increase, “we will have to take further savings measures, if necessary by law,” Habeck said in the Daily Topics on Thursday night. tanks are about 57 percent full.

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