The 4 most important hormones of happiness and how to activate them

In this way, you stimulate the release of the most important hormones of happiness.

Serotonin – be happy

Serotonin is a “happiness hormone” par excellence: it ensures that we are in a pleasant, exciting basic state. If we don’t have enough of it – as is often the case in winter, when it’s cold and dark outside – it can, in extreme cases, lead to depressed moods or depressions. It is exciting that serotonin is produced mainly in our abdominal brain, the gut.
For example, the body needs the amino acid tryptophan to be able to produce serotonin. And you can get tryptophan through food, because it is contained in bananas, salmon, parmesan, dark chocolate, fatty fish such as salmon or mackerel, and nuts, among others. Sufficient sunlight, especially vitamin D, which the body can produce by sunlight, is also crucial for enough serotonin in the body. It is not for nothing that we feel happier in the southern countries or even when the weather is nice!

Dopamine – reward hormone

Dopamine is a hormone that activates expectations and triggers rewards when we reach a goal or get a pleasant surprise. Dopamine is always more or less associated with kicking: the body releases dopamine every time we get a WhatsApp message when it’s a match on Tinder, when the desired man or woman looks at us, when we finally bite into a fragrant pizza, or when it plays our favorite song on the radio. Also, when we work on or have reached a goal, and when we do sports, dopamine is released in the body. Dopamine can make you happy the way it can make you happy, but it can also shake your mood. If we release too little dopamine, we feel demotivated and apathetic. In this case, taking vitamins B6 and B12 will help you get started again!

Oxytocin – a binding hormone

Whether you are cuddling with a partner, children or a pet or also during orgasm and especially after sex: oxytocin is known as a cuddling hormone or binding hormone because it is released by physical contact. Its original function is to strengthen the bond between the infant and the mother. When the body releases oxytocin, we feel completely in love and super relaxed. Making oxytocin is easy: just share more caresses with loved ones and experience the joy together.

Endorphins – in full swing

Endorphins are the body’s own painkillers and allow us to experience a hectic state even during the greatest exertion. Endorphins make us happy when we exercise, for example, or when we have sex.

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