Taken against the façade: a kitesurfer died in a storm in France

blown against the facade
Kitesurfer died in a storm in France

The extreme heat of recent days in France has been replaced by strong storms. On the north coast, several kitesurfers are caught by a sudden storm. The 31-year-old, who is thrown on the facade of the house, can no longer be saved. The search for another water sports enthusiast continues.

A kitesurfer died on the Normandy coast on Saturday night after a heat wave in France and three others were injured. A helicopter was used to search for the person missing at sea, according to France Info, referring to the prefecture.

The extremely severe storm lasted about 20 minutes and hit the town of Villers-sur-Mer. The 31-year-old kitesurfor was hit by a strong gust of wind, thrown into the restaurant by the air, and killed. The storm took away tables and chairs in a cafe and injured three casino visitors. The prefecture has set up a psychological crisis team.

Rescuers searched for a man missing at sea in Deauville on a boat and helicopter. The grand triathlon held in Deauville had to be canceled because the village tents of the athletes were blown up. Participants were offered accommodation in the village.

The heat wave peaked in France on Saturday with temperatures exceeding 42 degrees. In Biarritz on the Atlantic coast near the Spanish border, the highest recorded temperature was 42.9 degrees. From the night of Sunday, storms are expected in France coming from the Atlantic coast, which will probably affect other parts of the country later. Locally, these thunderstorms could be accompanied by strong gusts of wind and strong thunderstorms. On the other hand, the heat wave is likely to last longer only in eastern France towards the German border.

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