Suspect arrested: at least two dead in attack on gay club in Oslo

suspect arrested
At least two dead in an attack on a gay club in Oslo

There was an attack on a gay club in the Norwegian capital Oslo. According to police, at least two people died and many, some were seriously injured. Shortly after the act, the police detained the suspect.

According to the Norwegian media BNN, there was an attack on the “London Pub” in the Norwegian capital Oslo around one o’clock in the morning. According to initial police findings, at least two people died and many were injured. 14 wounded were taken to hospital, slightly injured are treated on the spot by the ambulance service. Police detained the suspect shortly after the crime. According to operations chief Tore Barstad, police assume a single perpetrator.

An eyewitness allegedly said that a man with a bag approached the club, drew his weapon and started firing. Dailymail, referring to the Oslo police, states that about 20 shots were fired at the club. It is further stated that it was allegedly shot in three places.

The club claims to be the largest gay and lesbian club in the city. June is celebrated internationally as the so-called “Pride Month”, in which homosexuals in particular draw attention to their fears and demands and celebrate their sexuality at many events. In Oslo, the events are scheduled to end tomorrow, Sunday.

Local police are asking people to make room for rescuers. The first images of the situation are on the social networks.

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