Supreme Court protests: US corporations pay travel expenses for abortions

Protests against the Supreme Court
US corporations pay travel expenses for abortions

Several states are imposing blanket bans just hours after the Supreme Court overturned national abortion laws. In many cities, people are protesting against this “war against women.” Companies like Facebook and Starbucks want to financially support abortion workers in the future.

Following the Supreme Court’s ruling on abortion, there have been numerous protests in the United States. Thousands gathered again around the Washington Supreme Court and held signs reading “War on Women, who’s next?” he had with them. “What happened yesterday is indescribable and disgusting,” said 19-year-old protester Mia Stagner. “No woman should be forced to become a mother.”

There were two demonstrations in Los Angeles at City Hall and the Federal Courthouse. Demonstrations took place in cities across the country.

On Friday, the Supreme Court overturned a landmark ruling that had been in force nationwide since 1973 and went down in history as “Roe v. Wade.” This means that individual states can now allow, restrict or ban abortions altogether. At least eight states with a conservative government immediately banned abortion.

Supporters and opponents of the US Supreme Court ruling took to the streets across the country on Friday. The demonstrations were largely without events. In Phoenix, Arizona, police used tear gas, and in Los Angeles, police launched a baton demonstration. In Cedar Rapids, Iowa, a group of protesters drove a pick-up truck and crossed the woman’s leg.

Patagonia pays bail for protesters

Due to the ban on abortion in a growing number of US states, several large US companies now offer their employees the option of reimbursing travel expenses for visiting another state in the event of an abortion. Many corporations, such as the Starbucks coffee shop chain or the internet retail giant Amazon, have previously promised such regulation in view of the upcoming decision of the US Supreme Court. After the Supreme Court actually overturned the country’s liberal abortion law on Friday, various other companies announced appropriate action. These include entertainment giant Walt Disney and Facebook group Meta.

In an article on the Linkedin online portal, Patagonia’s outdoor specialist promised not only support for travel expenses to other US states. The company also undertook to pay any bail costs for employees who were arrested and peacefully demonstrated for “reproductive justice.”

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