Supreme Court: Biden calls abortion verdict “tragic mistake and realization of extreme ideology”

ATPresident S Joe Biden called the US Supreme Court’s decision on abortion a “tragic mistake.” The decision was based on “extreme ideology” and “took away constitutional law for women in the United States,” Biden said in Washington on Friday. The court did something “he has never done before.” “The health and lives of the country’s women are now at stake,” the president warned. The United States has now become a special case worldwide.

It’s a sad day for the court and for the country, Biden said. He promised that his government would protect the ability of women to buy abortion drugs and travel to states where abortion is legal. No one should be allowed to deprive women of their right to freedom of movement. He will also do everything in his power “to fight this deeply un-American attack.” The US Congress must now act to have the final say on this issue. “It’s not over,” Biden said.

“One of the darkest days our country has ever experienced,” Schumer writes

The powerful Democrat Chuck Schumer was also shocked. “Today is one of the darkest days our country has ever experienced,” the leader of the Senate majority wrote on Twitter. American women had their fundamental right to abortion “stolen” by judges close to Trump.

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Protest before the Supreme Court in Washington on May 3.  Abortion rights are on the brink in the United States

United States Abortion Act

The decision of the Supreme Court against the Liberal Abortion Act was also strongly condemned by the Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi. “It’s a slap for women,” the Democrat said. Abortion control is just the beginning, she warned. “That’s deadly serious.” Pelosi pointed to the November congressional election, where women’s right is to choose their own bodies.

Former US President Barack Obama has called for opposition in the face of a Supreme Court decision. “The Supreme Court today not only set almost 50 years of precedent, but left the most personal decision anyone could make on the whims of politicians and ideologues – and attacked the fundamental freedoms of millions of Americans,” Obama wrote on Twitter.

“I have a broken heart,” Obama says

Obama also shared a picture with the caption: “Join the activists who have been sounding the alarm about access to abortion for years and take action. Stand with them at a local protest, “it said. His wife, Michelle Obama, wrote: “My heart is broken for people in this country who have just lost the fundamental right to make informed decisions about their own bodies.” The judge’s verdict must be an alarm, especially for young people.

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Women protesting for abortion rights in the United States

Conservative politicians turned out differently. They welcomed this step. Former US President Donald Trump has welcomed the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn the national right to abortion as a decision of God. “God decided,” the 76-year-old told Fox News on Friday. The move is in line with the constitution and should have taken place “a long time ago”.

Abortion rights belong “to the dustbin of history,” said Trump’s former deputy, Mike Pence. The judges “corrected the historical injustice.” Pence’s vehement anti-abortion opponent is considered a potential Republican presidential candidate.

The Supreme Court had previously repealed the liberal abortion law in a landmark decision. The largely conservative Supreme Court has thus paved the way for stricter abortion laws – even including outright bans in some US states. Under previous President Donald Trump, the Supreme Court has moved significantly to the right.

According to Trudeau, no one should dictate to women how to take care of their bodies

German politicians reacted with horror to the decision to reverse decades of the right to abortion. “This is an obstacle for women around the world,” Katja Mastova, the first parliamentary director of the SPD parliamentary group, told AFP on Friday. “We must never allow women’s fundamental rights to turn into a supposed war of political culture. The right to self-determination of women around the world is “inviolable”

Johannes Vogel, the first parliamentary director of the FDP parliamentary group, called the US decision “terrible”. It shows that there is a need to fight for a liberal and self-determined society over and over again, he wrote on Twitter. Freedom and progress can never be taken for granted.

Mast and Vogel pointed out that the Bundestag had decided on the same day to lift the ban on advertising for abortion in section 219a of the Criminal Code. As a result, medical practices and clinics have been banned from providing detailed information on the various methods of abortion.

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World author Robin Alexander

Canadian Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also expressed dismay at the decision. “No government, politician or man should tell a woman what he can and cannot do with his body,” Trudeau wrote on Twitter on Friday, assuring Canadians to stand up for their right to abortion. The news from the neighboring United States is “scary.”

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson also called the decision a “big step back”. During Friday’s visit to Rwanda, Johnson said he had always believed that women should decide.

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