Solidarity with Ukraine? Wagenknecht wants to clear the passage

Correction of the course in Russian politics? The left-wing party wants to show solidarity with Ukraine at the helm – but there is clearly resistance.

In front of the party conference next week, signs of a sharp dispute over how to deal with Russia are appearing in the Left Party: but makes a group of delegates apparently want to make far-reaching changes. He informs “Spiegel”, which already has the corresponding amendment in advance.

About 50 people around former Sahara Wagenknecht, the club’s chairwoman, want to delete some passages from the main proposal, including a declaration of solidarity with Ukraine. So this is:

“We strongly condemn Russia’s criminal war of aggression. Our solidarity is aimed at people in Ukraine who are suffering, resisting or fleeing. Our solidarity is also directed at people in Russia who are against war, desert and fear of persecution; who are against the war around the world and supporting people on the run. “

According to information, the corresponding supplementary text of the Wagenknecht group states that Russia’s war against Ukraine is contrary to international law. However, other countries are also indirectly accused of the Russian attack: “Years of demonstrative ignoring of the security interests formulated by the Russian side led to this unjustifiable war,” “Spiegel” quoted.

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