Solar Storm Warning June 20, 2022: Dangerous solar winds thunder toward Earth’s orbit

Solar storms can have fatal effects on life on Earth. Not only can they cause serious failures in electrical equipment, they can also paralyze entire distribution networks. Experts are now warning of such a phenomenon.

Experts warn of dangerous solar storm, which is currently rushing to the ground. Scientists speculate that solar winds caused by solar flares could hit Earth’s orbit in the evening. Power outages cannot be ruled out either.

Solar Storm Warning June 20, 2022: Solar winds rush to Earth

As is currently the case with the British “Daily StarThe solar wind is rushing toward the Earth at extremely high speeds.spaceweather.comThe eruption will roar from a hole in the sun at about a million miles per hour (1,609,344 km / h). Experts predict that solar winds will hit the planet ‘s magnetosphere – that is, they will try to penetrate our planet.

Serious consequences of solar storms – the authorities make everything clear

Although the probability that a solar storm will actually hit Earth is classified as low, its consequences would be devastating. Solar storms are known to sometimes knock out satellites or cause power outages, depending on their severity. Should a solar storm hit us, our grids run the risk of wobbling due to the unstable nature of the wind.

Solar storms can also affect animals on Earth

Solar storms do not only affect our technologies and communication systems. Many animals are also sensitive to changes in the Earth’s magnetic field, so they can be disoriented by solar storms. Animals, such as birds, which are guided by the Earth’s magnetic field to carry out their migrations, could become disoriented and die.

Authorities have not yet issued an official warning of the solar storm. It can therefore be assumed that the probability that a solar storm could hit us is extremely small.

What is a solar storm?

To explain: Our Sun is constantly radiating radiation and charged particles into space. This steady stream of particles is called the solar wind. A solar flare is spoken of when the current is significantly stronger than usual for a short time and in a limited space. The radiation and particles that arise during a solar flare move through space and can hit the Earth.

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